How to take instagram photos like a pro?

Instagram expanded shoppable posts to include Stories as well. Similar to shoppable posts, your followers can simply tap on the product they’re interested in as they view your story and are sent to the product page on your website. One of the best ways to do this is through the now hugely popular Instagram. It is social for taking and editing instant photos. Instagram immediately had a colossal boom, especially among the very young. So here’s how to take Instagram photos like a pro.

How to take Instagram photos like a pro?

how to take instagram photos like a pro

Buyable Instagram posts make it easy for your followers to shop directly from your feed. Through shoppable posts, consumers are taken directly to various product pages on your website, where they can easily purchase your products. TYME, a hair tools eCommerce store, saw a 44% increase in traffic from Instagram from integrating shoppable posts. Is? Amazing Photo editor ?. This simple, free program allows you to vary and brightness, contrast, sharpness, blur. You can also use photo editing tools to correct red eye, noise, white balance. You can also add sources of rear lighting with an excellent yield. To further enhance the photo, we can put notes, personal stickers or comics. Picfx is in English and for a fee, but it provides 22 filters, one more pleasant than the other and gives the possibility to add a texture to the images? It gives its best with light effects: you can add various glows but also boke, light effects with particular shapes.

Merge photos

For frames work really well. which is free. This app has a good set of filters but is mainly used to add frames of all kinds. Also with vintage effect or camera roll. Also nice are the bright colors, the glitter and the possibility of making nice collages or animated gifs. For collages, however, the non plus ultra is Diptic. This program allows you to join several photos together, choosing the size of each of them and the effect of the mixing.

Produce the effect

Fisheye Pro allows you to reproduce the wide angle effect or Fish eye without having to have a particular goal. The program lets us choose between 3 different lenses and 9 types of film. Also, present 5 colored filters. As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to improve a photo, thanks to Instagram. You just need to know the right apps! By using some extensions for the already beloved program, making your photos much more pleasing is child’s play.

Before feeding the photos to these apps, you need to lighten them with Small image and save them in resource-saving formats.

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