Why Damp Is A Serious Issue

Damp is becoming an increasingly serious issue in modern housing, and the consequences of damp are set to affect millions of homes across the UK over the next few years. Unfortunately, there’s no simple way of dealing with damp, as it is such an individual matter it needs to be dealt with on an individual basis, depending upon the nature of the damp, the type of damp and the potential scale of the problem. There are several reasons why damp is potentially a very big issue: from the fact that it can impact on the quality and safety of your home; to the hidden costs of treating damp when your home is at risk; and worst of all, it can create health issues for your family. But why is damp a potential problem?

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One of the most common causes of damp is the drainage that your property gets. If you have poor quality drainage then you may struggle to keep your property dry and can make the problem worse by encouraging mould and mildew. Similarly, if your building is built on a sloping site and has poor slope, then the water can collect on the flat roofs, leading to mildew and mould. Poorly insulated buildings can also often get damp, because insulation is often damp, and is a great breeding ground for mould and mildew. Poorly insulated buildings can even damage the energy efficiency of a property, which can add onto the overall cost of running the building. Before buying, always check for damp on the Building Survey Reading available from Sam Conveyancing

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Damp can cause water and structural damage around your property, making it unsafe to live in. Not only will it be unsightly but it will also compromise the integrity of your building and infrastructure. In the worst case scenario, water might lead to rotting of timber, or other issues such as cracking. Damp can also create health problems, such as skin infections and respiratory problems, for residents.

The third reason why dampness is a serious issue is the impact it can have on your health. People can become ill when exposed to high levels of damp, and this could include serious conditions such as asthma. Other respiratory problems can include those such as allergies and water in the lungs. If you’re looking to buy a property, it’s essential that you check to make sure it’s not going to affect your health in any way.

Finally, it can damage the value of your property. If your property develops a damp patch, it can devalue it. This can affect your buying power and reduce your ability to get finance. Damp also attracts vermin which can eat away at your walls and floors. These creatures can infest properties and cause huge problems. You can avoid this type of problem by keeping your property well-maintained.

There are many reasons why dampness is a serious issue, and you need to know these issues so that you can take action. If you have a property that needs repairs, you should be aware of the risks involved.


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