What Goes on a Website Landing Page?

Marketing is all about solving your customers’ problems. Your ideal visitors will have a problem that you have the product or the service to solve. When they are directed to your landing page via search engine results or through your social media channels, you want them to find that answer. They need to find it quickly and easily or they will go elsewhere.

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The Purpose of Your Landing Page

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, the best landing pages are clear, concise and simple. They get the message across with the minimum of fuss. You can consult an expert in web design in Belfast to help with the layout.

Consulting an expert on web design in Belfast will help you to construct a landing page that converts a high proportion of visitors into paying customers. Use phrases such as “How to” or “Create your own” to show exactly what you are offering. Users will identify with what you are saying if you use “Do you need to” or “Would you like to”.

A web design expert such as those at http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design.html will know exactly which elements work well in your particular niche. Some fine-tuning will maximise results. Work out what works best in your niche by installing Google Analytics.

What Should You Include in Your Landing Page?

Include the following elements into your landing page to get the best results:

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– Your unique selling proposition. This needs to be crisp and clean. Start with the main headline and add a supporting headline underneath. Then insert a reinforcement statement followed by a closing argument.
– A hero shot. This is the attention-grabbing visual aspect of your landing page. It’s an image of you, your product or whatever else you want your customers to purchase.
– The benefits you are offering. How will this product/service make your visitor’s life better? List as bullet points.
– Social persuasion. Mention that other people have bought it. We all like to do the same as other people are doing!
– Call to action. This could be completing a form, clicking on a button or hitting a ‘purchase now’ link.

Practise using an active voice and a bit of humour to get your message across. Include these essential elements in your website’s landing page and see your conversions go through the roof.

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