Apple could capture information about who steal our iPhone

Apple could capture the trace of the thief, take pictures, get the equipment location, and capture ambient sound and everything under date and time.

Currently, there are programs that allow us to record everything that is done through a computer, these systems are not unique to cyber criminals who try to capture your passwords, but can also be safety measure team owners.

If our computer is lost or stolen, we can access the information collected: screen shots, written text or functions keylogger, capture images of the webcam, know why web pages the thief sailed, know the location current equipment, etc. . . .

There are many cases around the world where these data allowed people to recover their equipment with or without the help of the police.

Apple could capture information about who steal our iPhone

Apple posted a new patent that performs the same as discussed above but applied to iPhone. The monitoring system and data capture is activated when you enter the wrong password or pin team 6 times in a row. However, the system can be configured to activate after bad even 1 time enter the password.

Apple could capture the trace of the thief, make photographs, get the location of the team, and capture the sound environment and all under date and time to maintain a chronological order that is us back utility.

All recorded information is stored in both devices and in the cloud. Despite being a new contribution of Apple to strengthen the security of your users’ computers moral question of whether it is right or not Apple record data of a person without that know despite it being a thief is pending.


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