Go Pokémon computer security: what are the risks?

Early versions of the game of the moment, Pokémon Go, presented practices that generated immediate questions regarding the security of the App. The data may contain a Smartphone are immeasurable in quantity and value, which is why the company Niantic reconsidered several details .Among other things, for example, that the app request permission to align with all Google Accounts user, which meant almost total access to: videos, pictures, contacts, etc.

Today, this situation is reversed and game updates even deliver greater security to users regarding their data in the cell. It is that in general, users often download applications without seeking to protect their information and accept all the requirements of the new tools, provided access to the App of the moment, without full awareness of what it means allowing the use of the camera, for example.

So stands the director of the Civil Engineering career San Sebastian (Chile), Dagmar Pearce University, who says that in the case of Pokémon Go, users are more aware of what they are allowing. However, the fact that there are more windows open to personal data through this application, it also carries more risk, he says. “If before there were problems with more basic apps, which users accepted all the conditions of the new downloaded apps, there are now more likely that hackers can intervene,” he says.

So far, much has been said about the risks that users go through the streets without paying attention to the crosses, the other pedestrians or other objects on the street that can generate an accident if not dodged. But does anyone have bothered to warn about computer security? Mainly, considering that Pokémon Go users are of all ages.

Here, as the expert said, the main risks are in the geo-referencing, which is activated by opening more accurately Wi-Fi, in addition to activating GPS. And this, full access to the camera adds.

Go Pokemon computer security

“Moreover, this is again an application that many downloaded without reading the privacy policies” recalls Pearce.

Against this background, there is another likely open window toward increased risk. “With these tools, it is very likely to be malicious developments that wish to infiltrate through this app. The fact that it is highly massive, and makes it attractive in itself. So this means that in the future false Pokémones, developed for the access device to a kind of malware that can enter the time Pokémon, for example capture may appear, “he says.

Also, when you get Pokémon Go Plus, Annex device to this application that warns when a Pokémon is close without having the screen active cell, could also pose a risk because it opens more options for hackers to enter the mobile device because it is connected to this via Bluetooth.

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Although there is a caveat: while not a multiuser game and not interact with different mobile devices, there are no significant latent risks. This is confirmed because the same video game development company, said that the only battles that will be fought Pokémon be in gyms, betting to gain control of it, so the data will not risk. (Source: USS / DICYT)

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