Why Choose the Surface Pro 4 Over iPad Pro

Since the discovery of technology, everything has been fast-paced. You can do things easily at your own comfort. With the modern inventions like tablets, communicating with your loved ones from across the globe has become simpler. It also made access to online data fast and convenient.

The latest tablet innovations from Apple and Microsoft are in a close fight in terms of functionality, features, and specifications. Both the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 are big tablets with powerful hardware and large screens. They are very appealing to many people, especially those who want a portable gadget that works faster and efficiently.

Apparently, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is powered by a full desktop operating system, the Windows 10. It boasts a 12.3-inch 267 ppi display and includes different RAM options. Additionally, it can be customized from 256GB to 1TB and you can select a processor from Core M3 to i7. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad Pro runs on its latest processor, the A9X chip and M9X co-processor. It sports a True Tone technology that modifies the display and is 25 percent brighter than the iPad Air 2.

Surface Pro 4 Over iPad Pro

Surface Pro 4 is the Better Pick

If you read details of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in Harvey Norman and review sites like Techcrunch and Wired, you’ll know that the Surface Pro 4 is considered better than the iPad Pro. In fact, it is sharper and bigger than Apple’s newest tablet. This hybrid gadget also has a Pixel Sense technology that lessens the glare and gives the  screen a high contrast.

Microsoft made this gadget handy and powerful, making you feel like you are using a laptop. Surface Pro 4 is also packed with larger memory and up-to-date cooling system to improve user experience. With all these features, it is no wonder why professionals and businessmen recommend this tablet to improve productivity.

When it comes to pricing, the Surface Pro 4 costs $899 for the 128GB variant. Price-wise it is better compared to the iPad Pro, which costs $599 for a 32GB WiFi model. Considering both the price and the storage capability, the Surface Pro 4 is a superior option.

Another thing that makes this latest slate a better choice is that each application works readily. This means the windows program runs right away, so no need to wait for too long. Despite working like a laptop, Surface Pro 4 is still a tablet, hence tablet applications still work properly.

On the whole, the Surface Pro 4 is a great catch for every user, whether for students working on their school projects or businessmen presenting business reports on a meeting. Regardless of the obvious advantage of Surface Pro 4 compared to iPad Pro and other tablets, buying one still depends on your choice and lifestyle.

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