What are some key SEO terms you need to know?

There are many terms associated with SEO.  This is the world of search engine optimization and it involves linking websites to allow yours to become prominent on a search engine’s front page.  It can be a complicated business  yet a successful marketing tool and it’s why it’s essential that you have somebody like SEO Consultant Dublin based https://www.rycomarketing.ie in place to make sure that yours is done correctly.

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The first thing to understand is that there are keywords.  These are phrases or single words that are put into search engines when people are trying to find knowledge about products or a particular service they require.  When the keywords are identified it means that relevant searches will bring  back websites that the person searching for the information we’ll need.

To increase the possibility of the site making it to the front page, inbound links or backlinks are also used from your website to increase the viability of your internet page being included as one of the first on the search engine options.  Bots will crawl the internet  seeking out relevance  and links to what you want to know about.

The sole purpose of this operation is to generate a huge amount of organic traffic.  Suffice to say organic in this sense relates to human beings actually looking at your website and then following through with a visit and call to your product or service that you are looking to provide them

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