Observer in Minecraft: What it is, how to craft it and its uses

The observer in Minecraft is an element with which the player can monitor the changes that occur in a specific block. This emits Red Stone signals every time a change is detected in the space that its owner wants to track. It is an interesting object with a wide variety of uses, with which you will be able to surprise the rest of the players and will also facilitate your gaming experience.

The ingredients to craft the observer are stone, Red Stone powder and quartz, but it is important to know how to place them on the crafting table. It is also vitally important to know how you can use a spotter and the orientation with which you should place it so that your plans go as you expect.

How to craft an observer in Minecraft?

How to craft an observer in Minecraft

To craft a watcher, you will need six stone blocks, two Red Stone powders and one quartz. You simply have to place the ingredients on the work table as follows: 3 stone units, 2 Red Stone powder, 1 quartz and 3 stone units, as shown in the image. Placing all the components you need will give you a spotter.

To place the observer in any location, it is important to consider that the update detection side (the one with the face shape) will be facing away from the player. Therefore, you should place your avatar facing the block you want to monitor, take two steps back, and then place the object.

On the other hand, the Red Stone button will be where your avatar is standing and it will be in this direction that the signals will be sent. This information is important to consider if you want to use the spotter to trigger mechanisms via Red Stone signals and also to monitor the proper space.

The Pocket Edition observer is different from the one in the PC version, as the two main faces have a red dot in the centre. In this case, you should know that the bigger dot detects the block update and the smaller one emits the Red Stone signal. If you are used to playing games on PC, you will know that the sensing side differs from a watching face.

Note: If you’ve placed the item upside down or in a location you don’t like anymore and you want to change its place or position, you’ll need to pick it up to put it back in your inventory. For this, it will be necessary to mine the object using a pickaxe. Otherwise, you will not be able to remove the observer.


A spotter is a very useful tool depending on your gaming environment. In this section, mention will be made of certain ideal circumstances to make use of this element. However, crafting the spotter is extremely simple, so you can craft as many as you need and use them however you like.

One of the most common cases in which an observer is used is when doing a crop. It will send a notification when your plants have grown. To do this, it will suffice to place an observer next to the crops with the detector side towards them. In this way, you will not have to worry about constantly monitoring the progress of your plants. You will know when they are ready.

Another interesting use for the observer can be the creation of mechanisms that require Red Stone pulses to power up. To get the most out of Red Stone pulses, you need to know and use other Minecraft tools or items.

It is well known that Minecraft is a game of creativity, so you must know the different elements and objects with which you can have fun in this virtual world. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of the available tools to create cheats or even security systems if you prefer.

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