Zomboat Season 2 release date and cast

If you are here it is because you surely love the Zomboat series, and it is no wonder. Since it has a phenomenal script and chilling apocalyptic zombies that are unleashed in the British city Birmingham. The number of viewers that this series has managed to add is impressive. So much so that they already want to know when is the Zomboat Season 2 release date.

If you are also looking forward to what could happen in a new season of Zomboat, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will tell you all the details regarding the series. Keep reading: Tonikaku season 2 release date

Will it have Zomboat Season 2?

Zomboat Season 2 release date

The Zomboat story follows the effects of a zombie attack unleashed in the British city of Birmingham. Sisters Kat and Jo, along with fellow travelers Sunny and Amar, flee for their lives in a canal boat. And as they travel, in their rooms, they forge alliances, arguments and romance arise.

Along the way, they will realize that there is no escape from life’s problems and even the zombie apocalypse. Zomboat is a series created by William Hartley and Adam Miller. On October 8, 2019, the first season consisting of 6 episodes was released. Which ended on October 25, 2019. The series was broadcast on ITV and Hulu.

When does Zomboat season 2 premiere?

Zomboat continues to enchant most fans of horror series as expected. Given the good plot and the actors who represent the series. However, even though the first season premiered in 2019, audiences are still looking forward to seeing Zomboat season 2 on the screens.

However, when it comes to Zomboat season 2 we still have no official announcement. So, for now, we can only continue waiting for the producers of the series to decide to renew or not. For now, we invite you to be attentive to our social networks, as we will update them as soon as we have news.

What can we see in Zomboat season 2?

With no official announcement regarding the future of the series, it is difficult to know the path the series will take. However, that leaves us open to theorize and contribute to the producers about what future we want to see in Zomboat season 2.

The most logical and expected thing is to see a city completely destroyed by the Zombies, further increasing the drama and decreasing the hope of survival. We could see how the zombie pandemic spreads to the rest of the world, expanding the story for the third season. Or we could see the solution or cure to the problem in the second season ending the story.

Cast of Zomboat

The cast of Zomboat has a promising cast made up of highly talented actors in the industry of the British television world. Among them, we have Lead Brotherhead playing Kat known for her roles in ITV’s “Gold” and “Vera.” We also have Cara Theobold playing Jo, Hamza Jeetooa playing Sunny, and Ryan Mcken playing Amar.

Let us know in the comments if you would like to see Zomboat Season 2.

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