Should you build your website from custom or template design?

One question that gets thrown around at most meetings when planning a website is whether or not a website should be designed from scratch or using a template. There are a number of arguments in favour of both, which we will evaluate during this article.

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According to Forbes, one of the most important tasks that you need to do when producing a site is plan carefully. Ensure you know exactly what your site needs to achieve, then you can decide whether or not to go for a custom or template built site –

Custom websites

A custom website is one that has been built exactly to meet the requirements of a business. These bespoke pages will be entirely unique, featuring page design, content, navigation and other elements that only appear on that particular site.

In order to produce such a site, your business either needs in house talent with a background in design and coding, or you will need to outsource the job to a design agency.

When contracting a Yorkshire web design team, ensure that they can make a site which meets the needs of your business, understanding the precise design requirements for your sector. if you need a website designed in Yorkshire Etempa could help design and build your site from the ground up, giving your company a bespoke part of cyberspace real estate.

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Template designs

Templates provide a digital framework on which to hang your content ideas. They require little in the way of coding knowledge, a marketing team can simply purchase a template, and populating this with content then becomes about as complicated as editing a Facebook page or creating a PowerPoint presentation, with images and text uploaded into the relevant areas.

A potential issue with template derived sites is that they can look a little samey, as many sites out there could be built from the same code as yours. This familiarity can work in your favour as users will know almost instinctively how to use your site, but it can also cause your site to blend in with your competition. Custom built sites will never have that issue.

Ultimately, budgets and staff expertise are going to have the largest impact on whether or not you choose to build a custom or template driven website.

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