Dropbox Transfer vs Firefox Send: Who offers the best service?

The cloud is increasingly important in our day to day. Thanks to it, we can save a backup copy of the files we want, share them with other people and even, in the case of documents, be able to edit them from the cloud and collaborate with other people in real time. Although the cloud can be very useful for many things, if what we want is simply to send a file to another person, without anything else, we might be too complicated. This is where Dropbox Transfer and Firefox Send come in.

Dropbox Transfer and Firefox Send are two tools designed to allow us to easily send files to other people over the Internet. Unlike the cloud, which involves uploading the file to a server controlled by another company, sending the link to the other person and waiting for it to download the file, these two tools allow us to send files directly from our PC to the recipient’s computer.

These platforms have encryption, allow to protect downloads with password and even set an expiration date. However, what are the differences between the Mozilla service and the Dropbox service? Which is better?

Dropbox Transfer: The transfer service endorsed by the cloud giant

Although Dropbox Transfer has been in beta for quite some time, it has not been until now when the company has decided to launch the stable version of its service and make it available to all users.

This service is completely linked to the Dropbox account. To use it we must log in with our account of this cloud. Recipients do not need to have a cloud account to download the files.

Although this service allows you to transfer files and folders up to 100 GB , this capacity is only available for users who pay for Dropbox Professional (3 TB of storage for 17 euros per month). Free users can only use this service to transfer a maximum of 100 MB.

Dropbox Transfer offers the possibility to password protect the files and set an expiration date for them. However, this, once again, is only available to users of the Professional plan. We can also change the background and the logo, but the same, only for users of the professional plan.

The main advantage of this service is that, being linked to our Dropbox account, we can choose any file stored in this cloud and share it with other people through this tool. This saves us the time to upload our files to share them.

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Firefox Send, the philosophy of Mozilla always present

Mozilla’s transfer service is relatively new, but it has been in operation for several months now. Broadly speaking, this service is the same as Dropbox, since its purpose is to allow us to easily send files to other people. However, it has quite different from the previous one.

The first of the limitations of this service is capacity. Users who do not have a Mozilla account can send files of up to 1 GB without problem through this platform. And those with a free account can send up to 2.5 GB. There is no payment method.

While Dropbox Transfer uses its own cloud to send files to other people, Mozilla offers a similar service with Firefox Send, but guarantees end-to-end encryption. Although the file is temporarily stored in this cloud, nobody, not even Mozilla, has access to it.

It also offers the possibility of setting an expiration date for the file (which will disappear definitely when the time comes), in addition to password protection. All this free, unlike the Dropbox service.

Which of the two services is better?

In broad strokes, both services are practically the same, but if we analyze them in depth, we can see great differences between them.

If we are paid users of Dropbox, Transfer is a much more complete service. We can transfer a total of 100 GB (files already uploaded to the cloud do not count as part of this transfer) and we will have all the options unlocked. However, if we do not want to pay, Firefox Send offers us up to 2.5 GB of transfer totally free.

As for privacy, we don’t really know how the Dropbox service works, so we can’t talk about it (although we surely know where the shots go). However, Send, the Mozilla tool is open source, which allows us to know how it works and how our data is treated. With privacy and extreme security. All Firefox Send options (expiration date, download limit, password, etc.) are available to all users.

If we pay for Dropbox Professional, its Transfer service is much more comfortable and has greater capacity. However, if we are not users of this cloud and we usually send files to other people sporadically, with Firefox Send we will have more than enough.

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