How to Rotate a Video with Movavi Video Editor

If you accidentally hold your camera the wrong way up while recording, it can be frustrating. While some media players will let you rotate the video when you play it, that option isn’t always available and on certain devices and platforms, your video will always appear upside down.

To fix that problem, you will have to actually rotate the video itself and then save it. That requires a bit of editing, but if you use Movavi Video Editor you’ll find that it isn’t as difficult or complicated as it undoubtedly sounds.

Assuming you already have a video that you’d like to rotate right now, just open Movavi Video Editor and click ‘Create a project in full feature mode’ to enter the editor. In it, you’ll see a button labeled ‘Add Media Files’ and you should click on it then select the video that you want to rotate.

When you add any video to Movavi Video Editor it will appear in the ‘Timeline’ at the lower part of the interface. Find the video that you added and click on it, then use the ‘Rotate’ button right above the ‘Timeline’ to rotate it 90-degrees clockwise every time you click on it. That should let you fix your upside down video quite nicely.

If you want to rotate your video by an odd angle, you should click on the ‘Crop and Rotate’ button above the ‘Timeline’ instead. In the menu that opens up, you’ll be able to adjust the precise amount of angles that you want to rotate your video by, and click apply so that Movavi Video Editor rotates it.

It is worth noting that if you only want to rotate part of your video you’ll have to split it beforehand to isolate the segment that you want to rotate. That can be done easily enough with Movavi Video Editor, and you can also enhance the video quality, apply artistic filters, insert transitions, add captions, include audio tracks, and much more.

As you can see the entire process is fairly straightforward, but should you feel you need more details just click here. Once you try rotating your video with Movavi Video Editor for the first time you’ll be able to see for yourself just how simple it is, and the next time around you should be able to do it in a minute or two at most.

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