Improve your Business Website through Live Chat for Customer Satisfaction

Your business website is one of the tools that represent your business and when it is properly designed and optimised to create beautiful and seamless customer experiences, then you are killing two birds with one well-crafted stone. Customer satisfaction is the aim of any business that wants to see increase in sales. A satisfied customer is a happy customer and a happy customer is more likely to bring out the cash. Business growth in 2017 doesn’t come without an awesome website. Bill Gates said it best that “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.

Online businesses are a dime a dozen on the internet. Yours simply has to stand out from the fray; in usability, accessibility, and every other way that matters to giving your customers nothing but pure joy as they click through your website.

Why Customer Satisfaction on your Website gives you an Edge

A website design that delivers high quality customer service can give an important edge over competitors. A company’s e-commerce website can rise on fall depending on the level of priority placed on responding to customer service matters in a timely, manner. Research shows that 53 percent of customers will throw away any interest in buying something online when there is no response to their questions and concerns. A full customer experience is fast becoming the key to determining the decisions customers make about what brands and products to go for and this is what you need to be offering.

It all goes way beyond manufacturing a great product and tagging on an incredible price. Customer satisfaction is the important factor to have. Your website can also be designed to build trust between you and your customers. Creating trust can be as simple as placing testimonials from other clients on your website. Include pictures as well if you can. However, take it a step further by providing live customer support. You get an edge because you are able to persuade customers where it matters most.

How Live Chat on your Website Delivers Customer Satisfaction

Customers need an experience that is seamless and effortless. At the same time they want to feel like they are the centre of your world and that whenever they need to talk, your listening ears would be ready for them. Your website is a great way to provide a semblance of all these without meeting customers face to face.

Create instantaneous service through live chat. More customers consider it highly helpful and are likely to return to websites that offer live chat than to ones that do not.

“Live chat for most customers, is a quick way to find out information about a product or service, and to ask any lingering questions they might have as well,” says Maria Brosnan at Openhost. “Live chat is key for making good on brand promise and offering customers readily available assistance when they need it, therefore ensuring customer satisfaction.”

A grave mistake would be to assume customer satisfaction where there is none. This would only lead to reduction and eventual loss of customer loyalty.  Live chat does three things for your customer service skills:

  • Improved customer knowledge

Your brand is able to create a knowledge base around customers and their specific needs. This creates a chance to deliver on customer expectations. Real-time conversations through live chat with the customers help you deliver and surpass expectations.

  • Ease to customer

The entire shopping experience your customers go through should be easy in navigation from start to finish. There should be no confusion, no stress. Live chat provides a means to act as a guide should customers need help while on your website.

  • Fast problem solving

Customer support through the use of live chat can actually anticipate problems that could generate questions, and provide answers for them even before they get asked. You create customer satisfaction when there is a sense that the company understands their intricate desires.

How to measure the level of success you’ve achieved with customer satisfaction

The focus of many companies when it comes to measuring client satisfaction is usually exclusively based on income statements and balance sheets.

Certain indicators are available that can help tell when you have achieved customer satisfaction on your website: customer effort score, first contact resolution rates, response time, rep knowledge and net promoter score are all useful tools to measure if your business website has adequately achieved its aim of providing a satisfactory experience for its customer base. Put together, the data obtained would create a background against which a company can improve, track and optimise services for customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, no matter your brand service, customers’ needs are fairly straightforward. If you can provide service that cuts away delays, anticipates problems and fix them and meet client expectations on time, then you just may have found a way to have the most satisfied clients in the business.

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