How To Select A Good Domain Name

Your domain name serves as your internet identity, and the name you select can tell a lot about you. It is important to have a website, but having the right domain name is just as important. Continue reading and you’ll find some tricks and tips that can help you select a domain that appeals to you as well as people browsing the internet. 

Employing the same name for your website and your domain is always a smart idea. Keeping the name the same will help people remember your domain name once they are familiar with your website’s name. Everyone knows that people like it when they don’t have to remember as many things, so using a domain name that is easy to recall will give you an advantage. Visitors also will be able to quickly navigate to your website if it isn’t difficult to remember your domain name.

If your domain has a business purpose, you should include your brand name in your domain name. This is an important consideration to remember when you are choosing a domain name for a business. People recognize popular items and brands quicker than those that are less popular, and if your domain name mirrors your brand name, it will have more business potential.

Good Domain Name

This is the main reason it’s so vital to do this. Think about a scenario where your competition sells a product or has a domain like yours. In this situation, you can lose business if a potential customer inadvertently lands on your competitor’s website rather than yours, simply because of a poorly chosen domain name.

Short domain names are almost always considered better than long names because they’re easier to remember and they are much easier and faster to type into a browser. A shorter domain name also significantly reduces the likelihood of an Internet user making a frustrating spelling or typographical error while typing the name into the browser. On the flip side, however, it’s more likely that a longer domain name will be found by the search engines.

It’s usually best to avoid hyphens in your domain name because some Internet users will probably forget to incorporate them while they’re entering the name in their browser. A hyphen also adds an additional character to type, and generally, the fewer the characters, the better. Nevertheless if the domain name you really want to use has already been taken, hyphens can help you acquire a domain name that is at least very similar.

Including certain words like ‘my’, ‘the’, ‘your’, and so on in your domain name will give it a distinct identity. You should also use the appropriate top level domain in your domain name. The top level domain should reflect the nature of your website. If your website has been made for commercial, business reasons, choose the ‘.com ‘ extension. Or, if your website is intended for charitable purposes, you should use the ‘.org ‘ top level domain. Other top level domains are appropriate for other types of websites.

After you have selected your domain and completed your website, advertise it every way you can think of. You want your site to be popular and have lots of traffic.

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