The 10 best applications for travel

These are the 10 applications that will enhance their travel experience. More information below.

One of the biggest advantages that technology offers us is to make us life easier in many ways. For example, if we take a trip or more, we can make use of many applications that will be very useful.

In here we showed 10 applications we recommend to travelers wishing to explore or want at this time.

best applications for travel

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Uber : This service allows you to request a vehicle and the experience would not like a taxi but to have a private driver.

XE : From here we can perform conversions of currency and know how exactly would spend in another currency.

Google Translate : In case you have difficulties with language, translations are text or voice interactions can be very useful this tool from Google.

Google Maps : Now that gives us the ability to download offline maps is much more useful to never be lost in a new city.

TripAdvisor : Here we get a lot of photos of places and reviews of them. So we can choose to go or not to certain restaurants, hotels, etc.

Airbnb :  This free application that has over 10 million downloads, is a good tool where anyone offers tourists rooms in their homes.

FlightAware :  is a flight tracker, reports of schedule changes, cancellations, connections, flight status, routes and any other circumstances affecting the flight that interests you, is free and has more than 5 million downloads.

Moovit :  This free app in the world are already using more than 30 million people, provides the user with the routes and schedules of mass transit systems such as bus, subway, metro, train, among others, being an app that uses Global Positioning System GPS information the user has the transportation system of the city where you are just open the app, you can generate reports as further delays, changes of bus stops and capacity among others.

Expedia :  With over 10 million downloads, this free app is ideal to book more than 325,000 hotels and 400 airlines worldwide and just follow 4 steps from your smartphone or from your website, the platform is a search engine for accommodation and flights that guarantees the best price.

My Cloud : This is a good app to plan routes and destinations, provides users a travel guide but travelers themselves fed by sharing this application. It offers recommendations on places to visit, lodging, restaurants or spaces to share with friends; the app lets you create a list in advance so that the user can then consult even if you do not have a data connection at the moment.


Skype : From here we can make calls anywhere in the world, we just make sure we bought credits starting at $ 5 USD and never expire.


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