Four of the Most Famous Plumbers

Plumbers are essential for keeping us warm in our homes and allowing us to have a supply of running water. Plumbers like this boiler installation Cheltenham based company are the people we call on when we have a leaky boiler, or the toilet has blocked up.

Here are some of the famous plumbers that you might not have been aware of…

Super Mario and his brother Luigi – If you think of famous plumbers this is probably the first pair that springs to mind! The hugely successful video game franchise created by Nintendo – and Mario actually started life in another game in which he was known as ‘jump man’ all the way back in 1981.

Of course, since then, the well-known Nintendo consoles have all had their most loved character Mario as well as his brother Luigi play a huge part in their success, from the Nintendo 64, to Game Boy to the modern day Nintendo switch.

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Ozzy Osbourne – Before becoming famous as part of the band Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne tried a few jobs after leaving school at 15, amongst them was a plumber’s apprentice! He went on to lose his job after ending up in trouble with the law, although this turned out to be beneficial to him as it was after his spell in prison that he met his bandmates and went on to form one of the most well known and iconic bands of all time.

Thomas Crapper – The amusing and unfortunately named Thomas Crapper is often believed to have invented the flushing toilet, however, despite the name this was actually invented by Sir John Harrington all the way back in 1596. This is the reason why a toilet is sometimes still referred to as the John! He was an inventor and also an astute businessman, and items such as the ballcock were patented in his name.

He successfully sold a range of bathroom fittings in Victorian England, also running a brass foundry nearby.

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Michael Caine – The world-famous film star Micheal Caine was once training to become a plumber – after finishing his service in the Korean war, he returned home with aspirations of making it in the plumbing trade. However, Hollywood beckoned, and Caine soon found big roles in films such as The Italian Job, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and The Dark Knight Trilogy.

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