6 Best Android Launcher To Download

Android launcher allow you to customize the user interface of the device and adapt it to your needs or aesthetic preferences. If you have ever used different Android smartphones (and maybe even an iPhone) you will have noticed that the user interface of the devices, the organization of the menu and the Settings, the appearance of the icons and dozens of other special details also change in rather sensitive way. Merit, if one may say so, of graphic customization made by the smartphone manufacturer and the launcher installed on the system.

In particular, it is the launchers that determine, in large part, the appearance and mode of operation of the smartphone and those with which we interact with our device. In short, although there are not many who have ever heard of it and know exactly what a launcher is, it is one of the fundamental elements of the entire Android ecosystem. And, probably, even less users know that you can change Android launchers as and when you want, adapting the style of your smartphone to your needs and preferences.

What are Android launchers?

When it comes to launcher refers to the particular Android applications that allow the user to change – perhaps even slightly – the appearance of the graphical interface and add or change some features or tools offered by your device. Some Android launchers, for example, allow you to create multiple home screens to be used depending on the situation in which you are located (one for personal use, one for work and so on); others, however, modify the organization of the app drawer (the menu of choice of the app, so to speak), adapting it to your needs.

Wanting to explain in simple words what an android launcher is, we could say that it is a sort of “cover” that overlaps with the features and tools offered by the smartphone and allows you to access it in a more or less simple. If you wonder how to choose Android launcher, then, you will first have to assess what are your personal needs and then check that the various launchers on the Play Store offer them. From this comparison, you will surely find the best Android launcher for your needs.

How to change the Android launcher

Changing Android launchers on your smartphone is extremely simple. You will have to access the Google Play Store, browse through the various applications available until you find the desired Android launcher and install it like any other application. Similar speech in case you want to activate the app you just downloaded: just locate it in the application menu, press the icon and wait for the upload. If you like it, you can set the launcher just downloaded as the default, so that it appears at power on instead of the default user interface. As you can guess, you can only use one at a time, but there is no limit to the number of Android launchers that can be installed on the device: as long as there is space in memory, you can add apps and, as a result, launcher.

Nova Launcher

Android Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launcher in circulation, and is also one of the most used by robotic users in recent years. Why? Simple, because it is fast, easy to use and above all very light. Thanks to Nova Launcher we will be able to modify the icons on the smartphone applications to our liking, manage the notification panel, and create a section of the most used Apps on the screen to always have them at hand and much more. Thanks to this tool we can also customize the folders and even use the shortcuts for apps that Android has added from its Nougat version.

Evie Launcher

Android Launcher

Evie Launcher is one of the fastest and most fluid tools to customize the home page of our Android smartphone. Its universal search function allows you to search within your applications directly from a single control panel. We’ll be able to customize app icons, folders, manage and create shortcuts or new gestures, and customize the start screen of our robotic phone to the fullest. This is an application that we can completely download for free from the Google Play Store.

Buzz Launcher

Android Launcher

If the creation of icons and really personalized screens is yours, this is the Android app that’s right for you. Buzz Launcher boasts over 700 thousand customization tools for the main screen of our smartphone. It has a series of gestures and shortcuts for predefined applications that we can test and if we like to even set up on our phone. An additional feature called “Screen Effects” is available in the app, very similar to the animated background only that instead of replacing our background will insert the mobile elements, such as snowfall or fall of the autumn leaves. A fun function but that will still consume your battery faster. Please think twice before if you want to take the graphic interface of our Android phone and turn it to your liking, Buzz Launcher is the perfect program. If you want something more standard that allows us with two touches to choose the default settings better to look elsewhere.

Smart Launcher 5

Android Launcher

Like Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher is also one of the most popular launcher apps on the Google Play Store. And it is not by chance that it is also a favorite of a large number of users. The real strength is the customization of the drawer of the app that allows us to manage the programs installed by type, use or personal taste. The shortcuts and the widgets management function are also very interesting. There are plenty of initial default screenshots with Disney comics and movie characters and there is also a custom screen from Marvel co Deadpool.

Pixel Launcher

Android Launcher

Now let’s move on to a launcher designed by Google itself and installed by default on all Pixel smartphones. The name is not very original, Pixel Launcher, but the features of this launcher signed Mountain View are really good and quick to use. The app will give our app a very circular and shrunken icon that reminds us of the iOS device user interface. Pixel Launcher offers features such as notification points, gesture support, a bookmarks bar, app suggestions and, of course, quick access to search via voice intelligence with Google Assistant. The flaw? It only works on Pixels, but by downloading the APKs we can install it, if we have some knowledge about it, on any Android.

Microsoft Launcher

Android Launcher

Microsoft Launcher (formerly known as Arrow Launcher) is an elegant and fast Android launcher with many Windows-style customizations, being produced by Microsoft. If you like the essential and minimalist style of the Redmond operating system this launcher could be for you. On Microsoft launcher new wallpapers are loaded every day, even the main screen can be customized without restrictions. The “Recent” panel is very useful, showing contacts, files or recently used applications that can be useful for a new use. There is also an option to merge duplicate contacts into the phonebook, if we should have one. This application is available for free on the Play Store.

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