PPC in 2016 − top tips from the pros

Pay per click (PPC) advertising has moved apace in 2015; for example, new features from Google AdWords, such as the CPA simulator, have impacted marketers across industries. Add in ever-increasing competition, knowledge and pressure on CPA and budgets and it is harder than ever to deliver stand-out campaigns in paid search. Here we outline some key tips to ensure you stay ahead of the PPC game in 2016.

PPC in 2016

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Have you considered your account structure?

This is the foundation of your PPC activity. Ensure your account structure matches your customer make-up, review naming conventions, and ensure ad groups are separated campaign by campaign. Ultimately this can impact fundamentally on your quality score and much more. Ensure you start as you mean to go on.

Are you sufficiently future-focused?

Often seasonality is a given, but have you communicated effectively across your business and associated agencies, including your website designers, to ensure this is matched in your PPC strategy? Clear planning can deliver great results, while last-minute panics are challenging all round.

Are you joined-up?

Simply driving traffic is not enough. If this traffic is going nowhere, your spend is dead money. Are you aware of which landing pages are working? Do you have an in-depth understanding of your customer data metrics? If not, ensure this changes and work with your web designers. Small changes to PPC/website integration can make large differences to your ROI.

Are you using dynamic remarketing?

Presenting an ad to a customer who has visited your site but not purchased when they visit another site seems like an easy way to make a massive difference to your results. Including offers or discount codes will ensure your success

Are you aware of RLSAs?

If you know a customer is most likely to buy on their second visit, you change your bidding; likewise, an expensive generic keyword might look more appealing if you know they have seen you before. If this sound complicated, why not enlist the help of a company such as Vizion online website designers to help you to navigate through the PPC waters?

Many e-commerce businesses are simply blind to PPC tactics and how they can help to improve their business. Keep these five tips in mind and you will see PPC success in 2016.

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