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Having beautiful and well-groomed hands and feet is an important part of feeling confident and put together. A professional manicure and pedicure can help keep your nails looking their best, while also providing relaxation and self-care. But with so many nail salon options out there, how do you know where to go to get a quality mani/pedi that will have you walking out feeling like a million bucks? That’s where One L Professional comes in.

About One L Professional

Located right in the heart of downtown, One L Professional is a premier nail salon that offers an extensive menu of manicure and pedicure services performed by highly-trained technicians. Their goal is to provide every client with a top-notch pampering experience and flawless nails using quality products and techniques.

What sets One L Professional apart from other salons is their meticulous attention to detail and customization for each client. They take the time to understand your unique nail care needs and preferences. Do you prefer a basic trim and polish? Care for some nail art? Looking to be pampered with a deluxe pedicure? Whatever you desire, they will tailor the service specifically for you.

The salon’s elegant interior provides a calming vibe the moment you walk through the door. Soft music plays while you sink into the massaging pedicure chairs. Tranquil decor, modern artwork, and strategic lighting make you forget you’re in the middle of a bustling downtown. It’s an urban oasis catered to relaxing your mind, body and nails.

About One L Professional

Manicure Menu

One L Professional offers an extensive menu of manicure options performed by seasoned technicians skilled in shaping, trimming, grooming, massaging and polishing nails to perfection.

The Essentials Manicure

The Essentials Manicure is a classic base manicure service focused on shaping and beautifying nails and cuticles. The service includes:

  • Soaking fingers in warm water
  • Cuticle grooming
  • Nail shaping and smoothing
  • A hydrating hand massage
  • Your choice of nail polish or buffing shine

It’s the perfect maintenance manicure for keeping natural nails in flawless shape. Upgrade options are available too, like paraffin wax treatment to deeply moisturize skin.

Gel Manicure

Get stronger, longer-lasting nails with a gel manicure. It includes the same steps as a regular manicure, except gel polish is applied instead of normal polish. Gel dries quickly under UV lights for an instant no-chip manicure that can last up to 3 weeks. Soak-off gel remover is used to easily take it off. It’s great for grow-out with no chips. One L Professional offers the most extensive gel color selection in town.

Signature Manicure

Treat yourself to the ultimate manicure experience with their Signature service. This deluxe treatment includes:

  • A relaxing hand soak
  • Deep exfoliation to refine skin
  • Cuticle grooming
  • Precise nail shaping
  • A soothing hand and arm massage
  • Paraffin wax treatment
  • Gel or regular polish

Pamper your hard-working hands with this rejuvenating manicure.

Shellac Manicure

Get a glossy, long-lasting manicure with the Shellac service. It combines a base coat, color coat and top coat that’s cured under UV light. Shellac goes on flawlessly and dries in minutes. It lasts up to 2 weeks chip-free. Soak-off remover takes it off easily. Choose from the season’s trendiest Shellac colors and finishes.

DIY Gel Manicure

Do your own gel manicure in the salon with the DIY Gel service. A technician will get your nails in flawless shape with cuticle grooming, nail shaping and buffing. Then you apply the gel base, color and top coat yourself under UV lights. Get beautiful gel results with the fun of doing your own nail art.

Designer Manicure

Unleash your creative side with a Designer Manicure. After the essential manicure steps, a technician will meticulously hand-paint a nail design of your choosing over gel or regular polish. Options include stripes, florals, unicorns, abstract patterns and more. Kick it up a notch with rhinestones, foils or chrome powder accents.

Paraffin Manicure

Drench dry hands in therapeutic moisture with a Paraffin Manicure. After a soothing soak, nails are groomed and shaped. Then hands are dipped in warm paraffin wax to deeply hydrate skin and stimulate circulation. The service finishes with a relaxing hand massage and regular or gel polish.

Gentlemen’s Manicure

Male clients will enjoy the Gentlemen’s Manicure tailored just for them. It includes a relaxing soak, nail and cuticle grooming, precise shaping, massaging hand massage and buffing for healthy, well-groomed nails. An optional clear coat can be added for shine. It’s the perfect maintenance for men’s hands.

Pedicure Menu

Treat your feet to a pedicure at One L Professional. Their pedicure chairs feature built-in massage, adjustable settings and plenty of room to relax during your service. Exceptionally thorough technicians will get your feet sandal-ready with gentle grooming and meticulous attention to detail.

The Essentials Pedicure

The Essentials Pedicure focuses on essential grooming and beautifying of feet and nails. The service includes:

  • A soothing foot soak
  • Scrub exfoliation
  • Foot massage
  • Cuticle and nail grooming
  • Precise nail shaping
  • Smooth callus removal
  • Hydrating foot and leg massage
  • Regular or gel polish application

It’s a therapeutic, maintenance pedicure perfect for keeping feet looking and feeling silky smooth.

Gel Pedicure

Get a flawless pedicure with seriously durable results by choosing gel polish. After the essential pedicure grooming, gel polish will be meticulously applied and cured under UV lights. Gel pedicures last and last without chipping or smudging. It’s ideal for sandal season when you want polished toes for weeks.

Signature Pedicure

The Signature Pedicure takes the classic experience to the next pampering level. Unwind in the massage pedicure chair as your technician performs these rejuvenating steps:

  • A mineral sea salt foot soak
  • Invigorating lower leg and foot scrub
  • Relaxing foot and leg massage
  • Warm paraffin wax treatment
  • Cuticle grooming
  • Precise nail shaping
  • Callus removal
  • Soothing foot and calf massage
  • Regular or gel polish

Treat yourself to the ultimate pedicure with this luxurious service.

Shellac Pedicure

Experience a high-shine, long-lasting pedicure with the Shellac Pedicure. A flawless base, color and top coat are applied and cured instantly under UV lights. Shellac resists chips, scratches and smudges for up to 2 weeks of perfect polish. Soak-off remover takes it off easily. Durable and vibrant, it’s ideal for pedicures.

Gentlemen’s Pedicure

Male clients will benefit from the therapeutic Gentlemen’s Pedicure. This service is tailored specifically for men’s feet with:

  • A cleansing foot soak
  • Invigorating scrub
  • Lower leg and foot massage
  • Extended callus removal
  • Complete nail and cuticle grooming
  • Soothing foot massage
  • Buffing for healthy nails

An optional clear coat adds shine. It’s the perfect pedicure for men.

Spa Pedicure Services

DIY Gel Pedicure

Do your own fabulous gel pedicure with the DIY Gel Pedicure service. A technician will groom nails and cuticles, remove calluses, and massage feet and calves. Then you apply the gel base coat, color and top coat yourself under UV lights. Get professional results with the fun of doing your own polish.

Paraffin Pedicure

Treat extremely dry feet with a nourishing Paraffin Pedicure. After essential grooming, feet are dipped in warm paraffin to deeply moisturize skin and increase circulation. The service finishes with a relaxing foot and leg massage and regular or gel polish.

Designer Pedicure

Add artistic flair to your toes with a Designer Pedicure. After enjoying the essential pedicure, a technician will hand-paint a custom nail design over gel or regular polish. Options include stripes, florals, abstract patterns, season designs and more. Accent with foils, glitter, rhinestones or chrome powders.

Spa Pedicure Services

In addition to traditional pedicures, One L Professional offers luxurious Spa Pedicures performed in a private spa room with massaging hydrotherapy pedicure thrones. These immersive water treatments smooth skin while soothing sore muscles.

Hydrotherapy Pedicure

This invigorating service utilizes a hydrotherapy pedicure throne with massaging water jets, heated air bubbles and chromatherapy lighting. Feet and calves are immersed as jets soothe muscles. Your technician will groom nails and remove calluses before finishing with a relaxing foot and leg massage plus polish.

Fizzy Milk Bath Pedicure

Unwind in a bubbling milk bath soak that softens skin as pedicure grooming is performed. Milk proteins remove dry rough areas while vitamins nourish. It concludes with a light leg and foot massage and regular or gel polish.

Detoxifying Seaweed Pedicure

A detoxifying seaweed foot soak improves circulation and draws out impurities. Nails are groomed and calluses removed. A seaweed masque with essential oils is applied to nourish skin. It’s topped off with a therapeutic leg and foot massage and polish.

Purifying Salt Scrub Pedicure

Rejuvenate feet with this refreshing spa pedicure. It begins with an exfoliating lower leg and foot scrub using mineral-rich Himalayan pink sea salts to smooth skin. Feet are soaked in a warm salt soak before nails are groomed and calluses removed. It finishes with a soothing foot massage and polish.

Enhance Your Service

Take your manicure or pedicure to the next level by adding these enhancement services:

Paraffin Treatment

Dip hands or feet into warm, nourishing paraffin wax to deeply moisturize skin and joints. Add on to any manicure or pedicure.

Collagen Hand or Foot Treatment

Boost moisture with a collagen treatment for noticeably smoother hands or feet. Added collagen improves skin’s texture and elasticity. Choose as an add-on service.

Gel or Regular Nail Art

Add trendy nail art over gel or regular polish with stripes, florals, geometric patterns, glitter, foils, rhinestones, ombre and more. Exact designs customized for you.

Nail Repair

Got a bothersome split, crack or break? Opt for a nail repair to reinforce nails and prevent further damage. Repairs securely bond to natural or artificial nails.

Callus Remover

Eliminate rough calluses with a spot callus removal treatment. It smooths and softens for sandal-ready feet.

Gel Soak-Off Removal

Remove gel or any other UV-cured polish without damaging nails. Soak-off gel breaks the bond for easy, gentle removal.

Pamper Yourself at One L Professional

Treat your hands and feet to some expert pampering at One L Professional nail salon. Their extensive menu of manicure and pedicure services provides tailored experiences focused on your individual needs and preferences. Talented technicians will renew your nails to perfection using quality techniques and products. Walk out feeling relaxed and radiant from head to toe. Don’t neglect those hard-working hands and feet. Book your beautifying services today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a manicure and a pedicure?

A manicure focuses on beautifying the hands and nails, while a pedicure cares for the feet and toenails. Each service includes soaking, grooming cuticles and nails, massage, and polish. Manicures may include exfoliating and moisturizing hands, while pedicures incorporate more callus removal.

How often should you get a manicure or pedicure?

For maintenance and health, a manicure every 2-3 weeks is recommended to keep nails and cuticles looking their best. For pedicures, every 3-4 weeks is ideal to prevent excessive calluses and thickened toenails. Gel polish can go 3 weeks or longer between manicure/pedicure appointments.

What is the benefit of a gel manicure or pedicure?

Gel polish is dried and cured under UV lights for an instant, completely dry manicure or pedicure. Gel stays chip-free on nails for up to 3 weeks without chipping or smudging. Soak-off gel remover is necessary. Gel provides extended wear over regular polish.

Should you tip at a nail salon, and how much?

Yes, it is customary to tip approximately 15-20% at a nail salon for good service. You can give tips directly to your technician or add them when you pay your bill. Technicians rely on tips as part of their compensation.

How can you make a manicure or pedicure last longer?

Apply cuticle oil daily to hydrate nails and cuticles. Use gloves for wet work to protect hands. Avoid excessive filing that thins nails. Apply a clear top coat to seal the manicure/pedicure. Limit direct water exposure that can chip polish. Moisturize hands and feet regularly.


Getting a professional manicure and pedicure provides a wide array of benefits for your hands, feet and overall wellbeing. It’s more than just polish – it’s an opportunity to relax and focus on much-needed self-care. Sore, tired feet and neglected nails feel rejuvenated. As we delve into the future of fast scooters: where are we now and what’s to come? zooming toward innovation, just like the precision and care at One L Professional where regular manicures and pedicures are seamlessly integrated into your beauty routine, ensuring you stay on the fast track to looking put-together and feeling renewed, from the thrill of speedy scooters to the confidence and beauty radiating from your fingertips to your toes.

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