When Is the Best Time to Instruct a Conveyancer?

The timing of appointing a conveyancer can have a big impact on the conveyancing process and may avoid delays or even the collapse of an agreed sale.

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There is a great deal of documentation and information to be exchanged between conveyancers in a house sale, and the sooner the professionals have papers to hand, the smoother the process should be.

Both vendors and buyers are advised to appoint their conveyancer before the offer and acceptance stage.

When Vendors Should Approach a Conveyancer

If you are selling a property, you should appoint a conveyancer as soon as possible, and certainly before your estate agent informs you of an offer. This will speed up the process, since your conveyancer can carry out many of the checks and source documentation before any sale is agreed.

These include the agreement between you, money laundering checks, the TA property information forms and documents referred to in them, and any leasehold details.

This period can be quite time-consuming and should not be left until an offer has been accepted.

If you are selling a property in south-east London or Kent and are looking for conveyancing solicitors Bromley is a good place to start your search.

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What About Buyers?

Once again, time can be saved by running checks such as ID before the process begins, but it can also prevent delays in mortgage approval and a decision in principle can be obtained.

Also, if you have a conveyancer in place when you make your offer, it can also help to show you are serious about your buying. You will find conveyancers online at sites such as Sam Conveyancing among others.

Ideally, you should appoint a conveyancer before any offer is accepted.

Although appointing a conveyancer may not be up there as one of the most thrilling jobs when it comes to buying or selling a house, it is an absolutely crucial one. You will spend a lot of time speaking with your conveyancer, and by getting one in place at the early stages you will save yourself a lot of heartache and frustration during the process.

Finally, remember that this service must be factored into your costs, and so it is recommended that you find a professional offering a fixed-fee service, meaning you pay the fee quoted when signing up.

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