How to save tabs in chrome?

Tabs in the web browser can be saved as windows or folders for future use. We all know that we can reopen it whenever we want to use them again. This article will show you how to save your tabs for later viewing and use.

How to save tabs in chrome?

How to save tabs in chrome

There are two ways to save tabs in the Chrome browser. They are as follows:

1. Using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + D” (Windows and Mac users).

2. By going to the “File menu,” then click on the option that says “Save All Open Tabs…” (for Windows and Mac users).

For the above two ways, the saved tabs are accessible under the category “Recently closed” in the list of browser windows. You can also find your recently closed tab or window by clicking on “History”, then “Recently closed”. Under this, you will get all your recently closed documents.

Save multiple tabs

As we know that, there are two ways to save a single tab. So how do you save multiple tabs?

There is a keyboard shortcut for this purpose as well. This shortcut is “Ctrl + Shift + S” (for Windows and Mac users). Here, the saved documents will be listed under the category “Saved Tabs” than “Recently closed”.

Revert back to saved tabs

To re-open the saved tab, simply, go to “File menu” and then click on “Open Saved Tab…” or use the shortcut keys which are “Ctrl + Shift + O” (for Windows and Mac users). Moreover, you can also re-open the saved tabs by first clicking on “Saved Tab” category, then select your desired tab under it.

For your convenience, you can find these options on the right side of the browser window, just beside the address bar.

Manage saved tabs

After you have saved few tabs in chrome browser, you might be interested in reorganizing them. You can do this easily by first clicking on “Saved Tab” category. Now click on “Organize” and you will find the option “Manage Saved Tab.” This option allows you to change the order of tabs, delete your saved docs, and create new folders for them.

Note: The keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + O” (for Windows and Mac users) can also be used to manage saved tabs.

Organize saved tabs

The easiest way to reorganize the saved tabs is by clicking on “Organize” and then click on “Manage Saved Tabs.” You can also do this by simply using your keyboard shortcut keys which are “Ctrl + Shift + O” (for Windows and Mac users). This will open a new tab in chrome browser. On this tab, you can find the option “Organise” on the right side of your Chrome browser window near the address bar.

This option allows you to change or move the order of tabs within the same folder. The other options that are available under “Manage Saved Tabs.” are Delete, Duplicate, and Create Folder.

Note: You can also rename the saved tabs by clicking on the name of it. It will open a dialog box where you can enter desired text or edit it as required.


In this article, we have discussed how to save tabs in Chrome browser. We also talked about the different ways that can be used for this purpose. In addition, we discussed how you can organize saved tabs and manage them by using the Keyboard shortcut keys or the “File menu” option.

Hope you found this helpful. And if you liked this article then share it with your friends. If you have any query, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!!

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