How to record FaceTime with audio

FaceTime allows Apple users to make video calls using the internet. In this way, users located all over the world can call each other without spending a cent. Many do not know, however, that it is possible to record FaceTime calls with iPhone and Mac.

Procedure for iPhone and iPad

Although with iOS 11 the ability to record the screen of the device has been introduced, it is not the best solution to adopt. In fact, if you use the native iOS 11 feature, the audio of the call will not be recorded. To remedy this problem, you can use well-known software, namely Apowersoft iPhone / iPad Recorder.

  1. Connect the iPhone or iPad and the PC to the same Wi-Fi network ;
  2. Start the Apowersoft software ;
  3. Open the control center on iPhone / iPad and select the AirPlay icon ;
  4. Select the item relating to Apowersoft, a blue bar will appear at the top;
  5. In this way the device screen will be transmitted to the PC;
  6. At this point you can start the FaceTime call ;
  7. On Apowersoft click on the red button to start recording;
  8. Once finished you can click on the Stop button.

Apowersoft software is available as a free trial, but a watermark will be applied at the end of registration and you will not be able to register for more than 3 minutes. To unlock all the features, which are really great, you need to purchase the paid version.

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Procedure for Mac

When it comes to recording on Mac, there is no need to turn to third-party software. If you are a Mac user, you can take advantage of the QuickTime software provided by Apple. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open FaceTime ;
  2. Start QuickTime and click on the File menu ;
  3. Click on the entry New screen recording ;
  4. Click on the down arrow icon next to the REC button and choose the microphone from which to record audio;
  5. Start recording by clicking on the REC button ;
  6. Once finished, just click on the Stop button to stop recording.

This is the best solution to record a video call on FaceTime if you are using your Mac. This software, in fact, allows you to obtain excellent results without having to install external software.


Unfortunately, with iOS 11 it is not possible to record the audio of the call. So it is necessary to turn to alternative solutions, such as Apowersoft, which, despite being a paid software, performs its task perfectly.

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