How to port a pc game to android?

Porting a pc game to android is now easier than in the past. Game porting is not effective and efficient with fast performance. Now, the Android system is advanced and powerful. You can use the computer’s full power to port PC games on our Android smartphone or tablet anywhere. Let’s discover How to port a pc game to android.

How to port a pc game to android?

The first thing you should do is update the Steam client to the beta version, dated March 13 or later. Next, we will have to open the Steam Link configuration and follow the steps to synchronize another device. The upload speed of the PC is good and that the download speed of the Android device is also good.

Although the new function is in beta works as well as the full version. We should only experience problems if there are limitations in our Internet connection. As it happened previously, and as is evident, we will only be able to port on Android the PC titles from Steam. The performance of our computer also determines how video game streaming works.

Another determining factor for the experience to be correct is the Android smartphone’s connection latency.

How to install Steam Link on mobile

The installation process is very easy. The first of them is to access the beta version of the platform. Through our Steam account client, we will activate the option “Steam Beta update, “located in settings. Of course, we must not forget that we must have the official Steam application installed on our mobile and that you can find it on Google Play.

Following the instructions on the screen with both Steam in its desktop version, we will have any game. Also, we have previously downloaded on the PC running on our mobile screen in a matter of minutes. The connection with Steam Link will reflect the status of the connection and the detection of some of the peripherals that we are going to use.

Port a pc game to android using Remotr Game Streaming

To the surprise of many, simplicity is the major note in this app. In the vast majority of cases, simply by running the computer client and then simply doing the same with the Android client. It is not necessary to do anything more than enjoying the game. Internet access is necessary. By the way, it is possible to use this application on Smart TVs with Android TV operating systems. It surely seems to be an excellent option for more than one.

Inside the app, there are interesting options, like the one already mentioned to manage the controls, but there are some more: customizing the image that is seen; ability to adjust performance; compatibility with multiplayer titles; etc. By the way, there is also a store inside Remotr Game Streaming for Android that allows you to get add-ons that optimize actions and also allow you to customize the development. Of course, the management of almost everything is done with the PC client, so you must be fluent with it as it is essential.

It is necessary to have Steam and Remote client on the computer so that the transmission is effective and everything works correctly.


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