How to add text to Tiktok

The exponential growth of TikTok currently has led it to be the most downloaded social network so far this year. This is attributed to the concept of uploading short videos, and its powerful and simple editing program prepared for all audiences.

Among the tools of this system, the question arises: How to put a text in a TikTok video? because it is common to watch videos that include animations of letters and text. So here we teach how to put those texts in TikTok easily.

How to add text to TikTok videosHow to add text to Tiktok

TikTok has worked hard to offer a strong video editing system for users, allowing them to fully exploit their imagination and creativity. That includes adding the texts and letters.

First, enter the Tiktok application and press the + button to add a new story to your profile. Record your story as usual.

Then, press the Text & Letters symbol to write on your video. You can select from the various styles of TikTok letters, modify colors and even assign a background to the text you want to put.

When you’ve added the text to your Tiktok video, it appears on the screen with the assigned style. Now you can transform it and place it where it suits you best.

Please note that this text will appear throughout your Tiktok video. To avoid this you can create an animation with it.

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How to put texts or letters that disappearHow to add text to Tiktok

TikTok has thought of everything, and to avoid displaying the text in a complete video, it developed a property that allows it to animate or hide said text after a few seconds.

To configure this animation, click on the text and select the option ” Set Duration “.

A screen appears whose bottom section shows a red bar. This can be adjusted to set the start, end, and duration of the text within the video.

This process can be done for each text element that is added. Also, it is applicable for Stickers on Tiktok.

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Other options to put text in TikTok

It is clear that TikTok now offers a powerful native video editor, however, it might not be enough for everyone. If you are one of those looking for more production in TikTok videos, it is advisable to use a video editor.

There are very good video editors for your cell phone, such as KineMaster or Filmora where you can easily create more sophisticated edits.

Also, it is possible to use something more professional and from the PC edit the videos and put the text, animations, and effects according to your needs.

We hope that after this tutorial on how to put texts in your TikTok videos it will be clearer to you on the use of this tool and the options you have to carry it out.

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