3 Reasons Investing in Print Advertising Is Still Worthwhile

It is the age of digital media and marketing, where social media ads and posts and television commercials abound, and for good reason. Non-print advertising is successful; it performs its job well, especially in the current state of the world where so many prefer the convenience of the phone screen to glancing at black and white newspapers.  Does this mean paper advertisements are dead? In fact, it does not; print media is as important and effective as ever. Using physical advertisements like boat and vehicle wraps, banners and brochures from services that perform digital printing Albuquerque NM is still a common marketing strategy. Why exactly does it continue to work in the web obsessed world though? Well, here are three reasons print advertisements continue to be a worthwhile investment.

1. Print Advertisements Inspire Trust

One major advantage of print advertising is that they naturally inspire more trust in viewers than internet advertisements. This is due to the reputation the internet has of being filled with scams and fake advertisements. Paper advertisements are not capable of hitting your computer with a virus, stealing your credit information, or redirecting you to random unrelated advertisements. Therefore, using paper advertisements grants you some level of credibility.

2. Print Advertisements Stimulate Different Parts of the Brain

Print and digital advertisements simply affect the brain differently. Print marketing activates a different section of the brain than digital does, specifically a more emotional part. This means people view and process information on print media differently from information through the internet.

3. Print Advertisements Target Demographics Effectively

Paper advertisements are also useful for demographic targeting. Internet advertisements are useful for spreading word to a large audience, but it is difficult to control who exactly views them. On the other hand, print ones can be placed in publications specifically for a certain group or subset, meaning they can be placed where the desired audience will see them.

While digital advertising is a wondrous thing, it has not rendered print advertising negligible by any means. Print marketing remains a tool used by many with profitable results.

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