How often should you update your blog?

Many of our clients have jumped into the pool and opened a blog related to the activity of their company or brand. They start super excited, publishing several texts a week, but little by little their enthusiasm fades and their publications suffer. And the big question arises: how often should I update my blog to be effective and to gain loyalty from my audience? 

update your blog

If you also live with continuous doubts, do not stress. And above all: do not look for the solution in others. You must understand that what works for others may not work for you, so you must decide on a publication frequency that suits your specific case.

Today we want to talk to you about everything you must take into account to establish a realistic publication frequency in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market. We started!

How to decide how often to publish an article?

If you have finally encouraged yourself to open a blog, you must ask yourself several aspects. Believe it or not, these will help you be aware of how many articles to publish (and when to publish).

Define what you want to achieve with your blog

Have you ever wondered what you want to look for when opening your blog? Do you want to just pass the time or, on the contrary, do you want to increase your income? Are you looking to give visibility to your brand or do you prefer to try to sell your services and products among your community?

Depending on the objectives you set yourself, you will need to attract more or less traffic … and, therefore, you will have to dedicate more or less time to your space and generate more or less content.

Think carefully about what topics you are going to touch

You must define from the beginning what you want to talk about in your blog. And this will influence the frequency of publication. Why? Because it is not the same to choose a topic about which there is a daily news and enough news to publish every day, to a more specific one (a topic about which you will find less information, having to learn to dose your data over time).

Find out who your potential audience is

You must know who are the people who may be interested in your blog, what their behavior is like and how long they may have to review your content.

If your readers are professionals in your sector, surely they will be very interested in reading relevant information such as the one you can present … but most of them will work (and some will have a family), so they will not be able to take time daily to review your Blog. Therefore, it will be better to publish less, group the information you want to tell, and get to the point (because, yes, ladies and gentlemen, your time is money!). If, on the other hand, your community is made up of teenagers, they will be able to review your content more often as they have more free time… but it will be better to present them with smaller, audiovisual pills. Why? According to this study55% of Spanish adolescents never read books, so it is better to make things easy for them.

Take into account the resources you have

Also, you have to be realistic with yourself. Very few bloggers ask, in fact, fundamental questions like these that we present below when opening the doors of their virtual blog:

  • Are you going to dedicate yourself only to the blog or does your work consist of more tasks, leaving you little free time to write?
  • How much does it cost you to write an article? Do you like to generate content and you are good at it, or do you take hours to get your text perfect?
  • Are you going to have help from your team to create content or are you alone in this windmill?
  • Do you have financial resources to pay guest authors, or does your company have a penny to dedicate to this activity?

Do not fool yourself and be aware of both your capabilities and resources and your free time. If you are not realistic, you will end up overloaded and end up updating the blog without rhyme or reason every too long (or worse, letting it die). Believe it or not, as you consider these 4 points, the frequency of publication will define itself and will be increasingly clear before your eyes. Do not be afraid! But this does not end here…

What other factors should you take into account when updating your blog?

Once you have decided how often to publish your content, you must take into account some fundamental factors that can help you in your day today.

Create a content plan

If you don’t want to be too repetitive with your content, or you simply want to avoid being afraid of the blank page every time you write, we recommend creating a content plan. In it, you can define not only the subtopics you want to talk about but also when it is better to talk about them.

This work indeed takes time, but it will certainly help you organize your blog for a while (be it a few weeks, a few months, or a year) and avoid quickly getting bored with this project.

Post frequency is not static

As much as you have committed to your initial decision, remember that we live in a changing world and all decisions can change over time. The best thing is to experiment. If over time you see that your texts are succeeding and your community asks you for more or that, on the contrary, it does not give you life to generate so much content, maybe it is time to stop, breathe and define your strategy again.

Think about quality before quantity Finally, always keep in mind that the important thing is to generate quality content that your community likes and seduces. You don’t have to post 10,000-word theses or 3 hour-long videos every day. Many times users prefer shorter and different content, so it is good that you spend time not only defining the information you are going to talk about, but also how to present it originally and differently from other authors.

And with this and a cake … we say goodbye for today. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you in all the steps of your blog, from the definition of the strategy to the design or the generation of content.

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