Android emulators for PC: Top 5 emulators of 2020 for free!

When we talk about emulators, we are referring to the programs those create virtual environment to use another operating system and apps virtually. In addition, to enter directly in our case, Android emulators for PC allows you to use apps on your computer those actually created to be used on an Android devices.

To give a direct example, you can play your favorite Android games on the PC and all the best smartphone games at the moment.

Android emulators for PC: What are the advantages to play game?

It is clear that enjoying Android emulators brings numerous advantages, here we have few to discuss …

  • Bigger screen: No need to go around it, the size of the screen plays a fundamental role when approaching games.
  • More effective controls: Using the mouse and keyboard is not the same as playing with the touch screen. Depending on the type of game, using the touch often does not allow you to move properly.
  • Optimized controls: In general, relying on a computer and attached media allow you to have decidedly optimized controls.
  • Performance of Smartphone: The performance in the gaming world are an essential element, as they often depending on the heaviness of the game you risk that your smartphone to crash. We think of the more modern ones such as Game of Thrones. Thanks to the greater power of the PC, this does not happen.
  • PC performance: The reverse is also true. If you do not have a very powerful PC, it may not support the latest or very heavy games. Playing the mobile version of the same game on PC allows you to play smoothly without a latest generation computer.
  • Automatic screen resizing: There are games that require screen resolutions that are not always compatible with your smartphone. Thanks to the PC, you will not have this type of problem, as modern operating systems take care of resizing the screen independently according to the gaming needs.

Android emulator requirements for Windows PC

When it comes to Android emulators for windows, not all of them are clearly perfect and optimal. In this case, the necessary requirements must be taken into account in order to be installed on this operating system. Let’s see what are the average requirements that easily adapt to most emulators.

Minimum system requirements

  • Windows 7 and above (32 or 64 bit).
  • 3 GB RAM.
  • 2 GB of free disk space.
  • 1280 x 800 PX screen resolution.

Recommended system requirements

  • Windows 7 and above (32 or 64 bit).
  • 8 GB RAM (1 GB more for the Android emulator).
  • 4 GB of free disk space.
  • 1280 x 800 PX screen resolution.

As far as the correct execution of the emulator is concerned, it is advisable to have some specific characteristics. Let’s talk about a 64-bit operating system and Intel processor with Intel VT-x support. In addition, it is advisable to also have Execute Disable Bit (XD) functionality.

5 best Android emulators for play on PC

Here we are at the point where we will get to know the best Android emulators to play on PC. Have you downloaded super modern games like The Room: Old Sins or Pokémon GO to your smartphone and dream of if you can play them on your PC? Here are the 5 free Android emulators for PC that are right for you …


One of those that today can be counted among the best Android emulators. It is in fact compatible with the most modern and most played titles, such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, and PUGB mobile. What makes this Android emulator excellent is the fact of providing excellent performance and full support to the controls, thanks obviously to the use of the keyboard or USB Joystick. This emulator is available only on PC with Windows system and without translation in Italian.


Despite being a type of emulator born several years ago, thanks to its continuous operation remains today one of the best Android emulator to play. In addition to being compatible with a very large number of titles, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Thanks to the implementation of important functions dedicated to games, NoxPlayer supports USB joystick, key mapping and also gesture control. It is a 360-degree emulator; in fact, it is also convenient for using various types of apps, although it is not useful for testing them. NoxPlayer is freely downloadable for PC and Mac through the official website.


It is among the best Android emulators for PC with the richest in tradition and among the easiest to install on a PC. Those who still remember the first versions of BlueStacks, know that they were deficient, but to date it is renewed and much more performing. Compatible with Windows and Mac, it is perfect for making even more modern games such as Chameleon Run or Jydge. On the official page, you can choose and download the executable that best suits the technical characteristics of your PC.


It was born and is based on an old version of Google, but it is constantly updated to solve bugs and ensure that it is always optimal in compatibility with newly released games. LDPlayer has a remarkable support in the mapping of the keyboard keys, it is free and very simple to use. As in the case of GameLoop, at the moment there is no translation in Italian and it is compatible only with PCs that mount the Windows operating system. The latest version of this emulator for Android games is present and downloadable on the official website.


It is an emulator for Android games that uses VirtualBox to create one or more virtual machines. Several instances of Android then run on them. Thanks to KoPlayer you can enjoy the experience of games like HayDay or the more complex Clash of Clans, all without having to resort to multitasking. This well-made program allows you to choose the amount of RAM to be assigned to the video card. In addition, you can count on two different resolutions: 1024 x 600 and 1280 x 720 pixels.


In conclusion, we can say that technology has brought great advantages in the gaming world. Those who want to play popular Android games on PC; they can play with these five excellent Android emulators. The essential thing is to take into account the system requirements and their compatibility with the various operating systems.

Not all games may be compatible with an emulator, or it may have non-optimized and therefore inconvenient to use commands, the advice is to try each one until you find the best one for that particular game.

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