The 6 Best Smoke Machines

We were short on budget and wanted to do the mists with dry ice, but the intensity of the lights on stage reduced them to nothing and the whole effect was completely ruined – hours of rehearsal wasted!

To avoid this headache, this year we have made a paste and we have decided to look for the best smoke machine available in the offer. It will be a glorious season!

Best Smoke Machines

What is the best smoke machine?

Every user has a notion of the type of device they will put to good use, but there are common qualities that make a smoke maker the best.

A good device should be, first of all, portable so that it is easier for you to move. It should also be durable and high-performance.

Depending on the use, the fog propagation distance can be an important fact, so you should also take it into account.

To clarify doubts about this product you can consult the following list that we have prepared for you, where are the ones that we consider the best.

  1. Beamz S1500 Artificial Fog Generator Smoke Machine

Powerful and high performance

With a power of 1500 watts and a short warm-up time, the Beamz brand fog machine is suitable for large venues and dance floors.

Connects with other special effects devices.

  1. Showlite SN-1200 smoke machine

For indoor and outdoor events

If you need to fog small outdoor spaces and nightclubs, all you have to do is add smoke liquid to this equipment and soon you will be looking at the light effects.

It is powerful and heats up quickly spreading mist.

  1. Ibiza LSM1200PRO Smoke Machine

Professional quality

Equipped with wireless remote control and great power, this device can release the mist with various effects, coordinating it with the music or the environment of the place

It is capable of filling large spaces with its smoke.

  1. UKing 1500W Professional Smoke Machine

Provides striking effects

Ideal for party, Halloween, disco, DJ, wedding, birthday, and other outdoor activities, this device is powerful, durable, and comes with LED installation. It is versatile and robust. It is professional and has a network cable.

  1. Smoke AGPTEK Fog Machine

Manageable and with good performance

A small version of a fog device that will liven up your celebrations by providing great visual effects. It comes with a mounting device and is quite simple with excellent performance. Heats up quickly when turned on.

  1. American DJ Fog Fury Jett Pro Fog Machine

Maintains optimal heat levels

Equipped with a high-performance pumping system, this machine is extremely powerful, you can mount it vertically or horizontally, and it also gives you the opportunity to adjust the production and intensity of the smoke it emits.

What is a smoke machine?

As the name implies, they are machines that manufacture artificial smoke. They are widely used in special festivals, musical and theatrical shows, and modeling runway events. Not only are they capable of manufacturing smoke, but they can dissipate it in different directions, creating light and shadow shows.

How do fog machines work?

These machines usually use a substance that they call liquid smoke or mist juice, it is a compound that is thrown with a mixture of water in the equipment and when heated, generates the smoke vapor that sets the scene for your presentations. This liquid is composed of propylene glycol and triethylene glycol linked with a percentage of water, it is a care substance. If you are asthmatic or allergic, you should avoid them at all costs.

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