Travel the world without leaving home: The best apps with webcams in different places on the planet

With the four walls imprisoning our freedom while freeing us from contagion, there is always a way to go outside without the risk of epidemics: webcams or ipcams. Do you want a selection of places you can visit around the world? We have compiled the best Android apps with webcams.

Taking out the trash or going shopping have become two of the only ways we have to set foot on the street. Yes, there is always the option of looking out onto the balcony or looking out the window, but surely, the monotonous view ends up increasing the feeling of being closed. So why not wander around other parts of the world? With a few clicks and in real time, this is what the applications that collect webcams from the most picturesque places offer us. Do you want to leave the confinement even if it is virtual? We have chosen the five best Android apps with webcams.

Online Webcams

With a simple and direct name, this application provides all the options in a cover with a selection of webcams from different countries, placed both outside and inside public spaces. To access each one, just click on it: it will automatically load the webcam in streaming. In addition to the selection of webcams, with information on the weather of the place, the possibility of capturing the image or seeing it in full screen, Webcams Online offers a search engine hidden in the side menu so that you can see the places you deem appropriate. Of course, as long as they are in the application database and there is a camera placed and broadcasting over the Internet. And you can save the webcams as favorites by clicking on the ‘Like’ icon.

Worldscope Webcams

It is one of the best known applications in the field of webcams, also one that has a better database. All without too much complication: list with accessible cameras with a press, possibility to search for specific places, different categorizations (popular, new or random, for example) and favorite cameras, not too much more.

Earth Online

It is one of the best interface applications of its kind, this is a positive point. Unfortunately, the app hasn’t been updated since last year, which is a problem for the database: the list of online cameras is small. Even so, it is worth having as a reference: it works quite well and the quality of the webcams is high. Visual list of cameras, search engine by country, possibility of filtering by type of scene (beaches, squares, animals, interiors …) and even a world map with all the webcams anchored in your specific situation: Earth Online is not a bad option. Yes, we recommend you not accept the location permission: the app works the same without it.

HD camera ground

Not too many surprises – this app keeps access to the main cameras on the front page while offering to search for all places through the map, on the globe icon (top right). The broadcasts are of good quality, webcams can be added as favorites and the main disadvantages are the null location of cameras. It also asks for permission to the location, but it works fine without giving it.

ISS On Live

Do you want to literally see everyone? Well, the International Space Station has a webcam oriented to planet Earth: looking through it you will appreciate what astronauts observe at every moment of the day. And not only is the webcam accessible, but also different added information; like the place the station is passing at the precise moment or knowing when the next sunset will occur to see it from space. Of course, the webcam is not always connected.

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