Apps and Companies: The 5 Most Frequent Engagement Reasons

What are the 5 most frequent reasons for engagement? That is, what are the reasons for which an app development company is most frequently contacted? The world is evolving and the market is following the step: many organizations, in fact, introduce app – web or mobile – to facilitate the connectivity of their customers and give easier access to the variety of products and services they have to offer. The world of mobile applications is also rapidly closing the gap between top management and employees / employees employed in the most diverse activities.

Many still question how an app can actually contribute to the growth of an activity. If you are a company, you have two possibilities: either develop a mass-market app to publish on the stores or develop a company to be distributed internally, for use by your employees. Each channel is ideal for a certain type of objective and has its own rules to be respected. To facilitate the understanding of new challenges and opportunities related to both hypotheses and based on our experience, we have summarized the 5 reasons that encourage companies to contact us and become our customers.

Apps and Companies

Improve the user experience

Companies want to allow their customers to access their products and services more easily. With the help of a mobile app, customers can reach an online activity quickly, regardless of the moment. The design of corporate apps must therefore be simple and engaging and, at the same time, convey to the users a sense of professionalism of the brand. On the other hand we have already said in the article  UX / UI: the main precautions to capture the attention : create a good user interface means to guide users with invisible hand positioning the elements that you want to show according to the right logic and using the appropriate techniques.

Continuous involvement

It is not news that mobile phones are now essential items in our everyday life. In addition to using a mobile app for shopping, companies can communicate with their customers, resolve their complaints and provide after-sales services to ensure that their customers derive satisfaction from the product they have purchased. These advantages associated with the apps favor the growth and development of the business because it allows the company to more easily follow the customer throughout the customer journey. An app, as we said, allows the company to communicate more easily with its users. But who are these users? Surely the customers but also the employees are very often the recipients of the applications that companies ask us to develop.

Business focused on mobile device

Companies increasingly adopt a mobile-centric approach because they have understood that moving part of their business (such as infrastructure control, sales networks, etc.) on mobile channels effectively affects all the blocks of a business model: from value proposition up, as we said, the introduction of new customer relationship opportunities and cost structure. To start an online business first of all it is necessary that the company aligns with the latest developments in technology to emerge as a credible player in the sector in which it operates. Very often companies do not master the world of furniture and its continuous evolution, so they ask us to advise and guide them during each phase of the web or mobile app project.

Apps and Companies

Recognition of the brand

The guidelines dictated by the brand or its marketing strategy for us are like a beacon and the greatest source of inspiration to offer customers the best product and the best design based on their needs and their history and corporate culture. Moreover, as companies know that people are now used to sharing their experience and feedback on products or services, a well-designed app becomes the perfect place to welcome customers, pamper them and push them to leave their references.

Search for a wider market

Regardless of whether it is a new business or a rebranding project, companies have now realized that mobile enhances the business beyond imagination. The tendency is increasingly to contain the costs associated with traditional advertising, to invest in the development of a functional app that helps attract a much larger portion of the public than the old channels.

On the other hand, the success of each company depends on its market base and an app development company with the right technical know-how can assist companies in developing a solution that is accessible everywhere, providing detailed information on products and services always and everywhere, regardless of time, day and place.

In conclusion, we can say that the companies that choose us all have a common trait: they put the continuous interaction with the people (customers or employees), the operational flexibility, and the ease of the digital interfaces and have understood that an app is the perfect tool to manage all these things together.

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