10 Best Offline Apps For Android

Although mobile data and WiFi are easier to get than ever, there are still times (during the holidays or at the end of the month) when you need an application that works offline. In other cases, it may be a matter of privacy. Here are the best offline apps for Android, which you can use even offline.

Best offline apps for weather: AccuWeather

Best Offline Apps

No weather app can be 100% offline, clearly. At some point you will need an internet connection to update the weather forecast.

However, AccuWeather earns this position on our list by providing a forecast of up to 15 days fairly accurately, so even if you are two weeks without internet, the app can tell you if you need the umbrella to go out.

Best offline apps to read offline: Pocket

Best Offline Apps

Pocket is one of the most popular offline reading apps on Google Play. It can be used to download articles, videos and other content that you can find on the internet for your device, to be able to read it later without connection. Just click on the Share icon in the article you wish to save and select Pocket to read it later.

It has a very well designed interface and is an excellent way to make sure you do not miss any content that you have not finished reading or seeing.

Best offline apps to travel: TripAdvisor

Best Offline Apps

TripAdvisor is, today, the king of travel applications. Thanks to the support of a growing community, opinions, photos and comments from other travelers are offered, so that activities and attractions are classified based on what people think.

TripAdvisor included city guides that could be downloaded externally, but now this feature has been included within the application itself, including offline access to reviews, maps and photographs of more than 300 cities.

Best offline apps for documents: Google Docs

Relax, we have not gone crazy (which is an achievement in my case). Although Google Drive is one of the largest cloud storage services in the world (for example, to save your documents or photos), it also allows you to download photos or documents to your device. In this way you will be able to work on these files without the need for a connection, and the changes you have made will be synchronized once you have a connection again.

To do this, click on the menu icon or icon containing an ‘i’ of the file in Google Drive, then click on the Offline Access switch. You can do this in all the files you want, so Google Drive will allow you to work on them outside of the cloud.

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Best offline apps to translate: Google Translate

Best Offline Apps

Google Translator is one of the easiest and most effective translators available (despite some ruthless attacks on grammar). You can speak or write in Google Translate to translate words or phrases in more than 90 languages.

These key features are available offline, as long as you have downloaded the languages you need for the translation. You can also save your translations, so you can check them again later

Best offline apps for navigation: Google Maps

Best Offline Apps

Using the old version of Google Maps offline was a bit inconvenient, but since its last update, this functionality is better than ever. It is easy to download by clicking on the side menu in Offline Zones. From there you can download complete city maps, including the Google navigation system, all without the need for a connection.

The best part of all is that the downloaded maps are automatically deleted after 30 days, so you will not have to worry about the apps you do not use and are taking up space.

Best offline apps for music: Spotify

Best Offline Apps

The Spotify app not only gives you access to millions of songs, but it can be configured to synchronize your playlists in the background, meaning that all music is available automatically when you’re not connected to the internet. Moreover, it is very easy to assign all that music to a microSD card so that it does not take up space in the internal storage of your device.

The premium subscription to Spotify costs $ 9.99 per month, but it is one of the best services. There’s nothing better than saving a couple of albums on your device while you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network in the airport cafeteria before a flight.

Best offline apps to take notes offline: Google Keep

Best Offline Apps

The closest you can get to a piece of paper and a pencil is a good application for taking notes offline. There are many out there; In fact, but my favorite is Google Keep. It is a great tool to keep track of all your to-do lists and various things you should remember, and it has been a very popular application for years because of its simplicity. It works offline and when it reconnects to the Internet, it synchronizes with the cloud, as long as the option is activated.

Best offline apps for news feed: FeedMe

Best Offline Apps

If you are like me, you will read a lot of news from many different sources. FeedMe RSS reader application gives you everything you need to collect the latest news while you are offline. This application allows you to extract from many sources of Feedly, InoReader, Bazqux, The Older Reader, Feedbin and is currently expanding to more.

If you use Feedly from the FeedMe application, you will get a simplified version of the Feedly normal application with one important component: offline capability. So you can put all your news on your device from your Wi-Fi before leaving and then unplug and read the news when you’re away. This will surely save you some data. In addition, you can save items in Pocket or Evernote with a single touch.

Best offline apps for podcasts: Pocket Casts

Best Offline Apps

Maybe you associate podcasts to streaming online, but you can also download all your favorite podcasts, giving you endless hours of listening pleasure. Pocket Casts is one of the best applications for this function, allowing you to search hundreds of thousands of podcasts over the internet, then download them to your device.

Pocket Casts allows you to automate your downloads from your subscriptions, so that once you have decided what you want to hear, the episodes are downloaded in the background when you have access to a WiFi connection (or data if you want).

What other offline Android apps do you use? Which do you think are the best? Share your opinions in the comments.

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