Six ways to harness Google’s power

Google is the world’s most visited website, but if you think it’s just an incredibly powerful search engine, think again. These six tips will help you get the most from Google’s tools and extras.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you the power to track visits to your website. You can sort visitors by country, browser, whether they are new or returning and more. You can also see which of your pages are performing well, what are the most popular and what your bounce rates are. If you’re looking to improve your website there’s a wealth of data here, and best of all, it’s free.

Google Search Console

Perfect if you want to see even more in-depth analysis of how people search for your site. Google recently updated this tool for 2018 –

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is your way of promoting your website through the Google network. While you have to pay for it, with optimised keywords and the right advert copy, you can bring the audiences that you need to reach straight to your website. It’s easy to spend more money than you mean to though, so before you start, seek help from a company that offers local SEO services¬†such as

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Google My Business

If you have one or more physical stores it’s worth registering them on Google My Business, or claiming them if they already exist (Google will send you a verification card in the post). By claiming you get control to edit opening hours and store information and can dispute any negative reviews that have been made. Having a confirmed business also means you’ll rank higher in local searches.


It’s sometimes easy to forget that Google also owns YouTube. Video is becoming the medium of choice for many internet viewers, and YouTube offers the perfect platform to create and curate your own video library, be they of products, reviews or pretty much anything else.

Google Translate

A nifty little plugin for your website, with the click of a dropdown, it can be translated into any language. While translations aren’t always perfect, they are usually good enough to get the message across.

So there you have it. Remember most of these tools are free to use, and there’s extensive help available online, so don’t miss out on the power of Google.

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