Secure Photo Viewer: With this application you will no longer be afraid to leave your mobile to show pictures to others

A daily situation: we are with friends and at some point we take out the phone to show a few pictures. We are confident, that we are among colleagues, and at the same time we show the screen we leave our Android in a foreign hand. Error! Our brain activates instantly and reminds us that nearby, in the photo gallery, there is some image that we do not want others to see.

It is inevitable that when we lend a mobile someone will touch and slide your finger when you see photographs. We are curious and clumsy in equal parts. Fortunately, there is a way to make sure that our friends see the photos we want to show them, not one more or less. And no, the solution is not to delete the photos.

Secure Photo Viewer

Image Source: Google Image

Useful, easy to use and protective of dislikes

There are many ways to protect images or videos from curious looks when we lend a mobile: keep them in a separate folder, have them only in the cloud, use a specific app that puts them in a special site that requires a password … All of them are great options but when we want something immediate or catch us without that previous configuration, we have a better solution.

Secure Photo Viewer, as its name indicates, is a secure image viewer. The key to this app lies in how it is integrated into Android. It is not a gallery application as such, it stays hidden and waiting for us to need it hidden in the Share menu.

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Suppose we are in Google Photos and we want to show pictures of our trip. We mark the images that we are going to teach leaving the finger pressed on them to activate this menu and we give the Share button. We will see that among all the options there is one that is called Secure Photo Viewer.

Secure Photo Viewer

Image Source: Google Image

For this app to work, it is necessary that we have configured a blocking pattern on the home screen. It does not matter if it’s a PIN, alphanumeric password, geometric pattern, fingerprint … Any option is worth it. If we have it configured, once we have shared the photos with this app we can click the View button or block the screen.

The second option is the most practical because if we give View we have the possibility to hit the back button and access all the content. When turning off the screen, the photos will be displayed but to advance it will be necessary to introduce the element that we have configured to block our Android.

Secure Photo Viewer is free, it does not contain ads and as you can see it camouflages very well in our Android to be as useful as possible and hinder the minimum. If you are to show pictures and you do not like to be gossiped with the rest, regardless of what you have stored, give it a try.

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