Google Device Health Services, the app that is updated to improve the estimate of Android battery usage

If you have a mobile or tablet with Android 7.1 or higher you may see an unknown application called Device Health Services from Google asked to update.

Device Health Services is a system application that carries many Android devices and is first updated through Google Play to add improvements without the need for the manufacturer to launch a system update OTA.

What is Google Device Health Services?

Google Device Health

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Because Device Health Services is a service that predicts how much time left we have left the battery. This service makes an estimation of custom battery usage, based on the usage we usually do every day in our device, to know very accurately about what time we run out of battery. This information is shown in Settings> Battery.

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What’s new with this update? Because Device Health Services in its new version improves the estimation that realizes thanks to the improvement of its model of prediction adding in addition more types of models to adjust to more types of use. It also fixes several errors.

Google Device Health

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We hope that Google will encourage you to update more through Google Play more system applications related to device settings, so you do not have to wait for OTA updates to find improvements and news.

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