Microsoft Launcher arrives on Android, the new application launcher that links your mobile with Windows 10

This October is two years since Microsoft will launch its own application launcher for our Android devices with Arrow Launcher, now this launcher is renewed with full release of new features, new interface and a name change.

Arrow Launcher is now Microsoft Launcher, a launcher whose key points are personalization, information and synchronization with Windows 10. Microsoft wants to have much more presence on Android devices, and this launcher will be the perfect complement for its browser also announcing Edge for Android.

Microsoft Launcher will allow us to customize the wallpaper, add widgets, change theme colors, install icon packs, rename applications, hide applications and more.

It offers a great variety of customizable gestures to open the application drawer, block the screen, open the browser, access the configuration or access the open applications, to name a few examples.

Microsoft Launcher

Image Source: Google Image

Sliding into the desktop on the left, as in the Google Now Launcher, we will access your panel that shows us our most important information, such as news, events, documents, contacts, recent calls and more.

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Its universal search allows us to search both the web and our mobile, search both web pages and our files, applications, documents, messages, etc.

Finally, and the most important feature is that if we log in with our Microsoft account our mobile will link to our computer with Windows 10. So from our PC we can access the photos and documents we have on our mobile, and send pages webs to our computer.

How to download Microsoft Launcher

To enjoy right away from the new Microsoft application launcher for Android devices we need to get access to your beta.

Once pointed as a tester and so we just have to look for the application on Google Play and download it. If we do not register as a tester we will download Arrow Launcher.

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