Top 3 SIM Only iPhone Deals for the Money Conscious

SIM only deals are similar to the usual mobile phone contracts only that the there is no phone involved. Only the SIM is provided with accompanying monthly limits for texts, minutes and data. As a result, one can keep their phone but still enjoy amazing offers. Reduced monthly mobile spend is the main benefit of these deals. This is mainly because the monthly cost does not include the cost of the phone.

Other Benefits

There are two other reasons for choosing iPhone SIM only deals, besides cost.

1. Freedom and Flexibility

SIM only deals allow you to live one month at a time. That is, you can renew or opt out of a contract after a month. It does not tie you down as a long term contract would. Consequently, you will only stick to a plan if it satisfies your needs. Again, if you are only going to stay at one place for a month or less, it is the best option for your communication services.

2. As You Wait for a New iPhone

Some people choose not to go for phone contracts because their device of choice is yet to hit the stores. During this waiting period, a SIM only deal comes as a flexible alternative. As soon as the new phone is released, you opt out of the contract.

There are numerous SIM only plans in the market today. Below is a look at the best three SIM only iPhone deals for the money conscious in terms of allowances and unique features.

1. EE Multi-SIM

The EE SIM only plan is a 12-month 4G contract providing unlimited minutes, texts and 18GB data. The monthly renewable cost is £21.

Unique features

EE provides the fastest 4G network in most of the towns and cities in the UK. Moreover, subscribers to the 4G EE max plan can use their plan in 53 countries worldwide including Canada, USA, and Australia without incurring any additional cost.

New and existing EE customers who subscribe for the SIM only plan and are also on monthly phone contracts are entitled additional two offers. These include a six-month subscription to Apple Music as well as a 3-month subscription to the BT Sports app, both at no cost.

2. Plusnet Multi SIM

Plusnet provides a one month SIM only contract at the cost of £8 per month. The 4G contract allows the user 1000 minutes and 1000 texts and 3.5GB data.

Unique features

Similar to EE, Plusnet subscribers can use their allowances in 52 countries outside the UK. These allowances also come with price caps which ensure they customers do not spend more than they should. Plusnet uses UK’s largest network provider, EE, hence a faster connection. Tethering is also available at no additional cost.

3. 3 Mobile

3 mobile SIM only deal is a 12 month 4G contract priced at £ 9 per month. The 4GB data plan offers unlimited minutes and texts.

Unique features

Three’s Advanced Plan allows its customers free roaming in more than 60 countries including Singapore, Australia, and the USA. Again, users on specific plans such as Go Binge can stream music and TV without using data. They have offered data bandwidth quite similar to that of Broadband Choices.

Many smartphone users consider 3 Mobile as the best network in terms of reliability. The network received the uSwitch’s Best Network of the Year for Data and Roaming Award in 2017. It also received recognition as the Best Pay-Monthly Network in the same ceremony.

Other SIM only deals

There are a couple other SIM only iPhone deals to choose from including iD mobile, BT mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Media, and giffgaff. Among these, only iD mobile offers a 1-month contract. Giffgaff’s SIM only deal comes with no contract attached, though it is renewable monthly.

Find out more about these deals and choose the one that best suits your budget and needs. You can also buy a SIM free phone to make it easier for r you to use any SIM only plan.

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