Five tools that will help you choose the perfect fonts for your projects

If you are dedicated to graphic design (in a professional way or are starting) you will know that typography is one of the most important elements to consider within a project.

In addition to choosing the correct images and colors, it is also imperative to find a good combination of typefaces to use together. Today we are going to recommend five platforms that will help you find fonts that will coexist in harmony within a design.

Type Genius

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Type Genius is a tool that was created specifically to help us find the perfect combination of typefaces. Its operation is very simple: we simply have to select a typography to start and the web will be in charge of finding a good partner.

You can see how they work together and even offer you a direct link to the Google Fonts page of each typography, so you can know a little more about each one.

Font Flame

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This tool would come to be a kind of Tinder of typefaces. Using data from Google Fonts, Font Flame shows us pairs of fonts and we can say that we like them or hate them.

Currently, this platform shows combinations created by professional designers and some random. In addition, it gives us the option to see which couples are the most famous within the web.

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perfect fonts

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Here we come across something different. is a web where we can see professional designs and what typographies have chosen to create them. The good thing is that you can download them directly from here.

Also interesting is the tags that each project has and you can see other projects created with some typography, seeing more examples of how it has been used.


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Palettab is an extension for Google Chrome that will help us find combinations of colors and fonts every time we open a new tab in the browser. Ideal if you are looking for inspiration.

Obviously, you have the option of clicking on the typography that appears and will take you to Google Fonts to know more about it.

Fonts in Use

perfect fonts

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Finally, Fonts in Use is a platform full of mind-blowing designs divided by categories: activism, institutional, politics, advertising, products, etc. In this way, we can know what typographies have used in each one of them.

Everyone can contribute and in the Staff Picks, we can find some of the most amazing examples.

With these five platforms, we will no longer have to see how different typographies are fought within the same project. With a couple of clicks, we will have access to thousands of combinations that look really good.

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