5 Essential Factors for Ranking High in Google Search

Although Google has done their best to instill the fear of ranking schemes into the hearts of website and blog owners everywhere, there is no denying that getting a top ranking on Google for targeted searches can make or break a business, not only in the virtual arena, but all around. Since Google dominates online search traffic, with more than two-thirds of searches running through their system (Bing still only claims an estimated 18.7% of search traffic, according to comScores latest figures), everyone wants to find white hat ways to raise their page rank without raising the ire of Google and their finicky algorithms in the process. And these days that means fulfilling certain criteria. Here are just a few essential factors for anyone looking to increase and/or maintain a high rank for Google searches.

Quality backlinks

This is necessary, as much as Google has pooh-poohed the prospect of gaining rank through linking schemes; backlinks are still one of the main ways they determine where websites are placed in their search results. The trick, if you can call it that, is to forego the plethora of low-quality links you could easily get in favor of the harder-to-nab, high-quality links from well-established sites that serve as industry leaders, that are known authorities, and that enjoy a high page rank themselves. An organic network of links seeded by followers reposting and sharing is also useful, but difficult to cultivate. So if you want a direction that will help to raise your page rank, start going after high-quality links to your pages.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is a very effective form of online marketing and is targeted to the user local. Its allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers when they perform targeted searches for local products. Local SEO is created on search engines like Google and using all the various directories that promote local activities. Millions of customers use these services every day to find the best companies in their area. We have to remember that the local SEO reaches customers when they are looking to buy your service or product – so they need your service / product and are ready to request it / buy it.

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Quality content

Google made it clear that quality content will win out. But there are more to it than getting yourself a good writer. You also need to push a LOT of content in order to keep your SEO machine running. And these days you’ll find that longer postings (say, those with 1500 words or more) tend to get more credit from Google. So you might want to flirt with some long-form content that provides added value to Google users.

Mobile compatibility

So many people search on the go now that you really can’t afford to have a website that isn’t formatted for mobile use. Whether you elect to make your pages mobile-friendly or you create an app for users to browse, you’ll want to find ways to open the doors to all traffic.

Reputation management

A bad online reputation cannot only damage your business from a public image standpoint, but it could also influence how your pages are ranked on Google. For example, when users search for your business, the first thing you want them to find is a link to your homepage. But if you have tons of negative reviews or your business is suffering some kind of controversy, associated links could outrank you. In this case, reputation management can help to put you back on top.

Professional help

With so much competition for search rankings, its no surprise that the average individual or business owner is struggling to achieve and maintain a high page rank on Google. But you don’t have to go it alone. Considering how much you stand to gain from holding one of the top spots for targeted searches, it might be worth scouting the best SEO companies to find one that can help you reach your goals at a reasonable price.

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