10 must-have apps for everyone

Given we use our phones more than ever before; it is inevitable that we will see a rise in the amount of apps we use. Here we will look at some of the best that are out there and how they can benefit your lives, from gaming options to security purposes.


Avast Antivirus

Given we browse the web on our phone and even make transactions, it’s about time you treated it with the same care you would a PC. So installing the latest antivirus will ensure that you can browse safely on your device.


When it comes to organising and scheduling the things you want to do, Tasker is the app for you. Once you have figured out how to use it, this app will have everything sorted for you, from turning your Bluetooth on in the car to disabling your lock screen at home.

Pokémon Go

The app that is currently taking the world by storm… I’m sure you’ve heard all about it now and to join in the fun, the app will take a few seconds to download and you can be a part of the madness.


For a lot of us, the chance to listen to music is important, whether it is to relax after a hard day’s work or to get the tunes ready for a party, and Spotify is the app for that. Whatever your taste, you can have the latest tracks downloaded to your phone immediately.

Lucky Nugget Casino

The perfect app for the gamers out there, whether it is blackjack, poker or a range of online slots, they are all accessible. As well as that, online roulette is all about black or red and maybe your luck will be in when you download this app.


This app lets you watch live streaming video, for the latest news and breaking stories this can be a great way of getting a first look at what is going on in the world

Kitchen Stories

The days of the big cooking book are long gone, simply download this app and you can have your favourite recipes to hand in seconds.

Mortgage Assistant

This app lets you compare loan rates and calculate costs, saving you the time and stress of endless appointments which can prove very useful.


We all know how bad our phone batteries can be, one minute 100% then what feels like twenty minutes later you are on 20%. With this app it will control your apps and make sure your battery isn’t dying unnecessarily.


This app allows you to store articles and videos to watch later, so if you see something interesting but you are in a rush, simply use Pocket and you can read it when you get a break.

These are an example of the many apps that are out there that can serve a purpose to us. Whether it is providing you with entertainment on Lucky Nugget Casino or safety with Avast Antivirus, all of these are simple to download and will benefit you in some way.

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