Details About Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud storage is defined as the online storage of data where a company’s or individual’s data is stored in cloud which is made from multiple distributed and connected resources. There is greater accessibility, reliability and strong protection due to back-up through cloud storage solutions. The company or individual does not need to purchase, manage and maintain costly hardware and the lower storage cost is a great benefit derived from these solutions. Though there are many benefits of cloud storage online, still it may have the potential for security and compliance concerns which are not associated with the traditional systems.

Types of cloud storage solutions

Personal storage – This is also known as mobile cloud storage solutions which applies to storing of individual’s data in cloud storage online and he/she can access it from anywhere. Data sync is also provided and there is sharing capabilities across multiple devices. Example – Apple’s iCloud

Public cloud storage- here the enterprise and the cloud storage provider are separate and there is no cloud resources stored in the data center of the enterprise. The provider fully manages the public cloud storage of the enterprise.

Private cloud storage – This is a form of cloud storage solutions where the cloud storage provider and the enterprise are integrated in the data center of enterprise. The storage provider has infrastructure in the data center of enterprise which is typically managed by the provider. This private cloud storage helps in resolving the potential for security and performance concerns while the advantages of cloud storage are still offered.

Hybrid cloud storage- It is a combination of private and public cloud storage where the critical data is there in the private cloud and the other data is stored in public storage solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage online

A number of benefits are there when you use cloud storage solutions. The most notable among them is file accessibility. You can access the files stored in the cloud storage online anytime and from any place using just the available internet access. This is a great advantage as you don’t have to move associated hardware to carry the data along with you. All you need is a good internet connection and you can get access to it through cloud storage online from anywhere. The other benefit is that the cloud storage solution providers have remote back-ups of the data which in turn reduces the costs associated with the disaster recovery.

But there are some disadvantages too. The biggest disadvantage is that the users are limited by the bandwidth and if your connection is slow or unstable you will have really a lot of problems in accessing or sharing your files. Organizations which are requiring a large amount of storage may also find the costs increasing after the few gigabytes of storing data.


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