Sony new memories with USB Type-C

Sony pleasantly surprises us with its new range of USB sticks CA1, able to store up to 64 GB of files at high speed. More information below.

One of the great promises of the current technology is to make the connectors USB Type-C become popular, this would allow us to almost any electronic device has the attractive features that bring: they are reversible, smaller size, transfer data at high speeds and battery charge  ultrafast.

Sony new memories with USB Type-C

Sony is a technology company that is committed to the implementation of this technology in your pocket USB memory. Recall that already exist laptops, smartphones and even monitors that support the  USB Type-C connector, so the market is preparing for  mass use.

At present, it is also known that the financial results of Sony tell us that their business on mobile is at a bad time in terms of profitability; perhaps that is why the company is also innovating in other areas.

This is the new range  of Sony USB CA1 carries a characteristic brand design features and capabilities of 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. Its structure is made of metal; however, it has a shield that will allow us to mobilize the device safely.

In the month of February 2016 and will begin selling the device, although the price is still not known.

Source: Sony

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