8 FAQs when you start in Social Media

There is nothing worse than running with doubts and questions unresolved, and especially when they relate to the future of your business. But do not be shy / a, even the most experienced strategists give turns to the most basic issues. So, whether you’re a novice or an experienced veteran social media, this list of frequently asked questions will help you remember or know how to build a solid foundation in your social media strategy.

Shall we start?

  1. Do I have to be in all social networks?

Answer: No.

Why?  If you want to know what social networks you have to be you have to ask where your customers are. That’s where you need to be. If you are not on Facebook, do not waste time in building a fan page on this social network.  Each company has a presence in different social networks according to their audience and capabilities.

Social Media

If you have the time and resources needed to create videos, then you should be on Youtube and enhance your brand while sharing this content on the platforms on which your target audience is present. The video has great power of attraction, so if this is you, will start in Social Media with a great advantage.

  1. Do I have the same username on all networks?

Answer: Yes.

Why ?: Not only will it be easier for you than all your social networking strategy has a consistent basis, it will also be easier for your fans and potential customers find you and tag you in their publications. When names user is different in each network, there may be confusion. If you have the same profile picture on Twitter and Instagram, but you have two different usernames, things will be complicated. Inevitably, someone mistakenly mentioned your name in Instagram Twitter or Instagram with your name on Twitter, and you’re missing opportunities to generate more engagement.

Today not only care about the domain name of your website, the usernames are as important or even more so to build a strong brand on social networks.

Websites like KnowEm tell you if the username you want to choose is available in different media. If your first choice is not available, do not despair. Be creative. Use a script, an abbreviation or add the word “.com”, “official” or “Spain” if this is your location.

  1. How can I create all the content?

Answer: It is easier than you think.

Why? Everything that comes down to knowing what your ideal client. If you know and understand your lifestyle, your tastes, and weaknesses, will be much easier to create or find relevant content they would like to read and share.

A good idea is to follow influencers in your industry, they create and share interesting content for your audience and which can inspire you to write new posts or creating debates in your social networks.

You can also search for hashtags and take a look at what is trending on Twitter and Instagram to know what you are talking about and join the conversation.

Generating ideas are the hardest part, so let your audience do it for you. Talk to your followers or ideal customers and ask them what they would like to see.

  1. How often should I post?

Answer: It depends on.

Why? The frequency content creation depends on your resources and your audience. Your goal is to get quality content appeals to your audience. If that means you can only publish a post per week, and three updates on Facebook, then fine. Most importantly above the amount is quality. You just have to find a schedule that you can keep constant publication.

And remember that you can always reuse content. Older entries can tweet the blog with new wording and images. In fact, you can develop a strategy in which each blog is shared by all networks on the first day, a repetition in Twitter on the third day, and a repeat on Facebook on day eight, and so on.

You can share the same content on each network, but you express yourself differently. For example, not using hashtags LinkedIn so you cannot copy and paste some Twitter; one graphics options may work better in that Facebook, etc.

You must keep track of what kind of content and format work best in each network and have that data into account when published on each platform.

Tools like Hootsuite will help you schedule all your posts on social networks in a very simple way.

  1. How can I get more followers?

Answer:  Sharing and creating good and interesting content for your target audience.

Why? Regardless of the network, you’re talking about is the quality and not the quantity of followers that matters. You can pay to gain a following, but that will not ensure that they have the commitment to your content or are going to become loyal customers.

To attract followers organically correct only have to create well content and share them with the right people at the right time. Use hashtags and associate with influencers is a good strategy to get more followers and extend your reach.  Remember that in social networks talk about. Answers your followers and interact with them.

  1. Should I connect with everybody?

Answer: No.

Why? do not have to always give a “follow back” on Twitter or Instagram, or accept all applications for LinkedIn. Why? Because you are curing a social network. The people who still says as much about your brand and the people who follow you.

On Twitter, you can create private lists that allow you to watch people like your competitors without having to follow. Of course, you always have to connect with influential people and potential partners, but no need to correspond to all “like” and “follow”.

On Twitter and Instagram, your number of followers must be similar to the number of the row. LinkedIn, the larger the network, you will have more potential.

That said, if you follow someone usually follow refunded. Sites like Twellow can help you find interesting profiles.

  1. Do I need to pay for advertising in Social Media?

Answer: Probably.

Why? On a platform like Facebook, you have to “pay to play”. Most often quickly see a return on investment because the ads are well targeted. With a good strategy, the community can grow, boost sales and increase traffic to your website.

When it comes to other networks, the choice is yours, but you could do some tests. Remember the advice about “be where your target audience.” That definitely applies in this section. If your followers and captas love Pinterest traffic from this network, a sponsored Pin would fit perfectly into your online marketing strategy.

Sets the objective of this campaign (get more followers, increase product sales, increase your email list of customers?), Check out these posts that have worked better and translate them in a call to concrete action. This way you will be investing in a piece of content in a format that fits your target audience.

  1. Do I need an editorial calendar?

Answer: Yes.

Why? An editorial calendar is a need to spice up your strategy step. It will help keep you on your way and be consistent across all your social networks. It can also help to create quality content and to plan in the coming weeks or months.

Also, when you plan your content in advance you have more opportunities to maximize their impact on social networks. If you know you’re going to launch a contest or a new product later this month, contact some influencers in advance and thus gain some momentum and virality.

Have any questions? Leave us a comment and we will resolve in the next posts.

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