Remote Play or Streaming PS4 for PC and Mac

Sony takes another step in the gameplay. TVs will no longer need, but we can play using our computer equipment. More information below.

Remote Play

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Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony has just revealed something that many gamers around the world expected: streaming capability or remote PS4 game from a PC or Mac.

Remote Play PS4 would be the name of this new feature would allow us to play the popular game console from our PC or Mac, without the need for TV as traditionally played.

We can not always rely on a TV, why Sony is already developing the next generation gameplay.

However, we keep in mind that this is not entirely new, since Xbox ONE of Microsoft already allows for this, but with Windows 10 computers and not with Macs. Instead, Sony itself would accommodate teams of Apple, something that many users will appreciate.

The news, as mentioned at the outset, was released by the president of Sony itself via Twitter.

Video how it would function via streaming PS4

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