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8 advantages of having a mobile app for your business

Mobile applications are now available to make life easier in almost all sectors. In fact, they have inspired a new class of entrepreneurs with real impact on the job and with many expectations of future. Now we...


Is Cloud Creep a Problem for Your Business Cyber Security?

With companies across all industries increasingly taking advantage of the so-called digital revolution to improve their workflow and efficiency, many are turning to cloud-based solutions rather than taking on the task of hosting their...


A bad website can damage your business. Here’s how

Are you making any of these common mistakes? Image Credit 1. Poor organisation and navigation Your site should be well organised so that information is clear, relevant and easy to find. The menus should...


Social Media Sites: Top Reasons for Business Internet Ads

Social media sites has become not only the melting pot of the cyber world but also as means of advertisement site for both online and offline businesses. For small businesses, social media sites are...


Choosing the Right VoIP Hardware

Businesses are increasingly turning to VoIP to cut the cost of their telecommunications, but that means investing in new hardware to allow you to get the maximum benefits from the technology. Image Credit Many...


I Got a New Device – What to do With my Old One!!

As new Apple products emerge in the marketplace, their predecessors get thrown by the wayside. In the United Kingdom, there are several ways to recycle these older products. Whether you take advantage of the...