2 Tips For Using VPN That Will Strike Your Mind!

Everyone knows that a VPN is an essential part of life today, as it providing both the security and access needed to blocked websites and many more.

But maybe you did not know that there are some added benefits to using a VPN that most people do not realize. You can use vpnsrus.com to open a new world of content, and also save hundreds of dollars.

How exactly is it? Take a moment to see exactly what I mean and maybe you can start using these three VPN tricks today!

Using a VPN to Unlock More Streaming

One of the most common uses I have for a VPN is to allow Netflix, Pandora and some other geo-limited streams flow.

What I did not understand until this last year, however, was that Netflix had a treasure of content that I did not know existed. I started spreading Downton Abbey on Netflix, even though it was not available to let my family go to the United States.

As? Simple: It was available for stream in Canada.

You see, Netflix has several licensing offers with different countries, so the film library and television shows in the United States are different from the one in Canada, other than the UK one. By switching my VPN to a server in Canada or Great Britain, I have access to several different movies that have not been available to me before. I love it!

So to prove, I did a quick search for Denzel Washington movies (he’s one of my favorite actors). This is how the search is performed using a United States-based VPN server:

Netflix Options Using a VPN Server in the United States

Okay, not bad, but not a big show of movies that really made me happy. A total of 7 films from Denzel Washington, only 2-3 that I really need to watch.

So I passed my VPN in Canada. Here is what looks like the same search:

Netflix movie options using a VPN server in Canada

Hmm … we are now coming somewhere. Today I have six more Denzel Washington films to choose from, some of which I would like to see rather than “Out of Time”.

One last test here, this time using a server in the UK:

Tide Crimson! Now it’s a great Denzel movie. As you can see, using a VPN in three different countries, I have increased the number of movies I can watch from 6 to 16!

What’s crazy is that I’ve just given you an example from 3 different countries. Netflix has service in over 20 countries, including France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland … the list goes on. Imagine streaming options!

“It’s illegal?” Some of you can ask. It’s a good question. Pay for my Netflix service and I have a US passport so I do not feel bad about it. The fact is that Netflix knows this is happening and could stop it if they want … but they will not. The day they block me is the day I cancel my subscription.

Using VPN Access for Limited Access

There are moments while I’m looking at something online – usually, sports content – or using a free service when I am told that I spent too much time looking at or using their service.

All I have to do is change my VPN and all of a sudden … BAM! … my limits are restored. I try not to take advantage of this too because this for me is a questionable use of a VPN. Again, I swear it will justify it in some cases, because if they prevented me from doing a sports event (say a football game), I should find it somewhere else, stripping them of advertising dollars.

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